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International Footbag Players Association Incorporated 

Also Known As: IFPA

911 Liberty Ct. 
Cupertino,  CA  95014

Mission and Programs


IFPA (International Footbag Players' Association, Inc.) is a volunteer-run, charitable non-profit corporation, dedicated to the growth of footbag play world-wide as lifetime recreation and as an amateur, competitive sport.


Program:World Footbag Championships
Budget: NaN
Category: Sports Competitions
Population Served: None

Program Description:

IFPA is responsible for the World Footbag Championships, typically held in North America or Europe. This is the premier event in footbag, with the best players competing in freestyle and net disciplines. With the help of organizers from the host city, IFPA ensures the event is run consistently and professionally from year to year.

Program:Website www.footbag.org
Budget: NaN
Category: Athletics & Sports
Population Served: None

Program Description:

IFPA provides information to the public and players about footbag at its website, footbag.org. This website includes event listings, results and rankings from past events. It contains the rules of the sport and more detailed information for those that want to learn the sport. Members can locate clubs and other players in their area as well as share pictures and videos. There are resources for tournament directors to help them run events.


  • N70 (Amateur Sports Competitions)
  • N99 (Other Recreation, Sports, or Leisure Activities N.E.C.)

Revenue and Expenses Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2003


Program Services$0
Special Events$0
Total Revenue:$13,106


Total Expenditures:$0

Net Gain/Loss: $0

Balance Sheet Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2003

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Assets January 1, 2003December 31, 2003Change
Cash & Equivalent$0$0$0
Land & Buildings$0$0$0
Total Assets:$0$0$0

LiabilitiesJanuary 1, 2003December 31, 2003Change
Total Liabilities:$0$0$0

Fund Balance:$0$0$0

Basic Information

  • This organization is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. .
  • This organization is required to file an IRS Form 990-N.
  • Financial information in this report is derived from the organization's December 31, 2003 Form 990-EZ.