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Alzheimer’s CURE Foundation


Providence, RI

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Alzheimer’s CURE Foundation

Physical Address:
Providence, RI 02906 
Web URL:
Ms. Effie Marie Lascarides
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Basic Organization Information

Alzheimer’s CURE Foundation

Physical Address:
Providence, RI 02906 
Web URL:
NTEE Category:
G Disease, Disorders, Medical Disciplines 
G83 Alzheimer's 
H Medical Research 
H12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution 
W Public, Society Benefit 
W70 Leadership Development 
Ruling Year:
How This Organization Is Funded:
The RI and Southeast Massachusetts CFC Campaign (Combined Federal Campaign, that Federal employees participate in. - $4,900
SECA Campaign (State Employees Charitable Appeal, in the state of RI) - $2,990
Fundraising and private donations. - $6,000

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Mission Statement

Focused 100% on the cure for Alzheimer's, the mission of the Alzheimer's CURE Foundation is to dramatically accelerate the cure for Alzheimer's disease by employing a unique, groundbreaking concept never before attempted in medical history. Our goal is to raise and award a $20 million dollar cash prize that will serve as the "Gold Medal" for the scientist(s) who discover the cure for this devastating disease. Cash prizes have been very successful and contributed to the rapid development of other areas in the past, such as aviation and space. More recently, a $10 million dollar cash prize was awarded when SpaceShipOne flew into suborbit. To our knowledge, we are the first to employ a major cash prize incentive in the area of medicine and our organization is making medical history world-wide. We believe that this competition will be a major driving force towards the cure. In addition, we support education through our Alzheimer's Scholarship Challenge and create public awareness through participation in health expos, speaking engagements as well as through our award-winning TV program, "A Tribute to Memories... The Race for the CURE!" that won the RI PEG award in 2009 in the "Best Health" category.

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Ms. Effie Marie Lascarides


Since Mar 2005

Leadership Statement:

As Founder/President/CEO of the Alzheimer's CURE Foundation, I want to extend an invitation to all you to join forces with us so together we can conquer Alzheimer's disease. I founded the Alzheimer's CURE Foundation, Inc., on March 23rd, 2005, not with the money of a wealthy donor, but using my own, limited funds, with only one hope in my heart: to dramatically accelerate the cure for Alzheimer's so that my Dad might benefit from such a cure in his lifetime. The sacrifices that have been made - personal and financial - are too numerous to even begin to list here. Unfortunately, my Dad lost his battle on Oct. 2nd, 2008, but from above he continues to be my personal driving force and the driving force behind the Alzheimer's CURE Foundation. Please help us so that the 5.5 million Americans and the millions more around the world might live to see the day of the cure. Only through your generosity and contributions will that be possible. Remember: no one is exempt from Alzheimer's disease. Don't just shudder at the word "Alzheimer's", join us!

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Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

A cure for Alzheimer's will not only cure virtually all types of dementia (most patients of other dementias take the same medicine as Alzheimer's patients), but will also open the door wide towards a cure for so many other neurodegenerative diseases and neurological disorders such as Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's, Autism (some doctors refer to Autism as "children's Alzheimer's"), stroke-related brain disorders and so many other diseases. This one cure will revolutionize medicine as we know it today and change the course of medical history. We definte "cure" as any method that will completely stop the progression of the disease and reverse at least 50% of the damage already incurred by any given patient.

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