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Norristown, PA

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Norristown, PA 19401 4913
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Ms. Stephanie Yuhas
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Physical Address:
Norristown, PA 19401 4913
Web URL:
Blog URL:
NTEE Category:
A Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
A31 Film, Video 
A Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
A20 Arts, Cultural Organizations - Multipurpose 
A Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
A40 Visual Arts Organizations 
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Mission Statement

Project Twenty1 has an EPIC mission. We Exhibit, Promote, Inspire, and Connect creatives through film and animation. We host film festivals, networking events, educational workshops, and competitions in the Greater Philadelphia area that attract participants from all over the world. We partner with other organizations globally to provide maximum exposure for our participants, community, and sponsors. We seek to go beyond the standard conventions of a festival. We help unite the world of independent artists, allow them direct paths to their audiences, and at the same time build the cultural and artistic scene in Philadelphia and beyond. We transform independent filmmaking from a trap-laden nightmare into an exciting adventure. We create a network of support, promotion, and distribution through which motivated filmmakers and artists can get their work seen internationally. And in the process, we witness the birth of exciting new creative relationships and truly original, entertaining films.

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Program: Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival (PFAF)

Arts, Culture & Humanities
Population Served:
Young Adults (20-25 years) -- currently not in use

Program Description:

The entire year of events and programs culminate each year at the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival. Project Twenty1 interns, volunteers, and community members meet industry professionals who can help advance their careers. Revenue is pumped into the community from visitors worldwide. The audience themselves are given ballots, becoming judges themselves, helping decide the fate of the work they’ve just seen. Official Selections finally meet their audiences, and deals are struck to commence production on their next projects or secure distribution for completed work. The 21-Day Filmmaking Competition Filmmakers receive their World Premiere and get the opportunity to mingle with celebrity judges and the talented and often highly-experienced Official Selections. Workshops run the gamut of film-related skills, teaching Acting, Special Effects, Film Financing, Grant-writing, and Project Pitching. Emphasis is placed on the skills needed to help artists turn their hobby into a full-time career. The Red Carpet is unrolled for photo opportunities for both the community and media. Awards and over $10,000 in prizes are distributed to Official Selections and 21-Day Filmmaking Competition Participants. The Project Twenty1 EPIC award is presented to a member of the community that embodies the EPIC spirit of Exhibiting, Promoting, Inspiring, and Connecting his or her fellow community members. The Closing Night Party, is a relaxed networking event/reception that gives filmmakers, judges, and industry movers and shakers an opportunity to discuss their screened work, and any upcoming projects in the pipeline. Audience awards from the festival are announced and distributed at the event.

Program Long-Term Success:

As a film festival, the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival can become a festival the size and scope of Tribeca Film Festival in New York, or South by Southwest in Austin, TX, with a seven to ten day festival, screening 300 plus films to 30,000 attendees. We will reach out to big-name Philadelphia celebrities to act as sponsors, hosts, and judges in order to build hype and attract industry and media attention. The Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival  of the near future would include music and arts programming, and a hundred different workshops and parties throughout the week. The events would be headquartered in The Project Twenty1 Theater, and would span a dozen venues city-wide, and include a film market where distributors can acquire our artists' work. Project Twenty1 intends to bring Hollywood executives, the people with studio power to purchase or represent films and filmmakers, to Philadelphia, and host a large annual festival with screenings of fresh new work, parties where rookie and veteran artists alike can meet those with the power to launch careers, and a marketplace that would bring distributors and agents directly to our filmmakers, knowing that they are bound to see exciting new talent and projects. Many festivals exist, but few become events that industry professionals schedule the rest of the years around. AFM (American Film Market), Sundance, and The Toronto Film Festival are among these. Project Twenty1 has the infrastructure, the talented community, and the passion to be among them with the right partners around us.

Program Short-Term Success:

Until now, Project Twenty1 has survived on the good will and out-of-pocket funds of its founders, and promotion via online social media networks. Currently, revenue generated from ticket sales, film submissions, and filmmaker signups covers only seven percent of our annual operating costs. To be sustainable long-term, we will find sponsors and supporters in organizations that support our mission, and who wish to have their name associated with our services. As sponsors sign on, we intend to make Project Twenty1 a full-time job for the organizers, who are currently running other businesses as well in order to support Project Twenty1. We also plan to hire a key member of our volunteer support staff in a full-time capacity, to handle many of the administrative tasks that are currently being juggled by the founders, such as locating artists, updating the website, and answering phone calls and general emails. This will free up the producers to run the organization itself, build additional partnerships, and expand our programming. As our community grows in this manner, we will engage in more aggressive marketing outside of social network sites, such as industry trades and magazines as we boost our submissions to the Filmathon and Song2Screen, and Team Signups for the 21-Day Competition. We will increase our programming as our audience grows, and as we can afford to run more events year-round, including a longer Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival  at a greater variety of venues. With each venue we add, we work out a financial arrangement that is mutually beneficial to both the partner organization and ourselves. Our short-term goal is to become self-sustaining, so that the revenue generated from events, artist submissions, commercial home video sales, grants, and sponsorships is greater than our operating costs. We have just begun a Membership program, and we hope to have over fifty members by the end of 2010, and over 500 in five years. Statistics nationwide show that a vast majority of non-profit members will renew membership year after year; so building this base now will help us greatly as we grow. In the long-term, Project Twenty1 will grow beyond simply being self-sustaining. Once we have built our organizational capacity, any surplus revenue will be reinvested, allowing us to add services each year, thus becoming a boon to those around us as well. As Project Twenty1 increases our own production capacity, money will be spent in the Philadelphia region, benefiting local businesses and creating jobs. Films will be produced and distributed, meaning careers for our artists, incredible word-of-mouth for Project Twenty1, which in turn will attract a larger community, and a focus on producing entertaining and exciting films.

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Program Success Examples:

Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

2010 was the biggest Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival to date, hosting events at the International House Theater Philadelphia, Marathon Grill, the Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum, and the Sheraton University City. In addition to screening more than sixty World Premieres, and more than ninety films during the three day festival, Project Twenty1 continued to host its competitions, workshops, and parties. Project Twenty1 also added a free Red Carpet Event that was broadcast on four news stations, including FOX‐ 29, PHL‐17, NBC10, and CBS‐3. Over 2,000 people total were in attendance. Now, Project Twenty1 has over 200 films licensed in its Film Library available for licensing. Its combined mailing list has over 10,000 subscribers, primarily comprised of hard‐working film industry professionals age 18‐35 seeking to take their careers to the next level. Partnerships have been formed with established film institutions like Sony Creative Software, Slamdance Film Festival, ToonBoom Animation, Glidecam, Litepanels, and Marathon Grill Restaurant chain. The Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival has successfully hosted filmmakers and guests in Philadelphia from Hawaii, Connecticut, Miami, Arizona, Minnesota, Colorado, Washington, California, Michigan, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Greece, the U.K., Hong Kong, and Japan – and given them a taste of their very first Philadelphia cheesesteak. For many, it was their first time in Philadelphia and in some cases, it was their first time in the United States.

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