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Juxtaposition Inc

Minneapolis, MN

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Basic Organization Information

Juxtaposition Inc
Physical Address: Minneapolis, MN 55411 
EIN: 41-1851915
Web URL: www.juxtaposition.org 
NTEE Category: O Youth Development
O50 (Youth Development Programs)
Ruling Year: 1997 

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Mission Statement

Juxtaposition Arts (jxta) is a youth education program, teen-staffed design enterprise, and community cultural space located in North Minneapolis Minnesota its mission is to develop community by engaging and employing young urban artists in hands-on education initiatives that create pathways to self- sufficiency jxta works to connect its audiences to the region's robust arts industries and to contribute to more equitable vibrant communities in nineteen years more than 14, 000 youth have

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Annual Revenue & Expenses (IRS Form 990, September 2013)

Fiscal Year Starting: September 01, 2013
Fiscal Year Ending: August 31, 2014

Total Revenue $1,454,662
Total Expenses $927,296

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Evidence of Impact

Juxtaposition Arts engages young people from under-served areas to engage them in the creative workforce. Through a social enterprise model, Juxtaposition Arts offers high-quality arts training to young people in the community and employs them in the organization's local design firm, which is patronized by local business owners and nonprofits. Juxtaposition Arts is also heavily involved in community revitalization and place making in the community, through their work in neighborhood beautification projects. This work changes the neighborhood in many ways and changes public perception about the area's young minority population.

Youth Engagement
Based in north Minneapolis, Juxtaposition Arts serves more than 650 youth in that area every year and they are in the second year of a 6-year expansion program in order to reach even more youth. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Juxtaposition is changing the lives of young artists, particularly African American, in north Minneapolis and beyond by providing high-quality arts instruction. It has helped aerosol artists find a venue for their work that is both respectful and valued. It has created a design studio that will employ young artists to create work to sell. It has built its campus on a main corner of north Minneapolis that has been a catalyst for the changing nature of the neighborhood from crime ridden to community engagement. It has created studio space for more mature artists that do not have space in north Minneapolis, as there are very limited studios in North Minneapolis. Foundation Professional
Their impact is placemaking, youth engagement, and community building in north Minneapolis. Juxtaposition Arts has done a lot of work to alter the physical character and the perception of a troubled area of Minneapolis, through art making that engages the community, particularly youth in the community. This also helps to counteract negative perceptions of teens of color. Nonprofit Senior Staff
This organization has helped many minority youth from various areas of the cities, but especially the troubled northside Minneapolis neighborhood, to find expression and careers in the arts and related areas. It also is committed to playing a lead role in the vitalization of its neighborhood, using arts and cultural expertise and activities to fight crime, drug use, and hopelessness. Researcher and Faculty
Community Improvement
I have seen communities physically improved by youth participating in Juxtaposition Arts programs. Foundation Professional
Juxtaposition Arts’ track record in terms of impact on individual youth is great, though that is true of many organizations. Few are as aggressively committed to seeing a positive, proactive role for their work in the arts to impact community development. As an arts organization, they are more than an equal partner with developers, neighborhood organizations, and civic officials in determining the long-term destiny of north Minneapolis. Nonprofit Senior Staff
The Artistic Directors are bringing community arts to a rough part of north Minneapolis by purchasing buildings and bringing interactive creativity to the street. They are doing very innovative work engaging youth in all levels of production and performance. Foundation Professional
Innovative Placemaking
Juxtaposition Arts expands access for youth to high quality arts and learning environment. They do this by providing training and job opportunities to young African Americans. Their location was intentionally chosen in one of the economically challenged parts of the city. Their space provides access to studio space in an area where it is scarce. These are all part of what makes Juxtaposition Arts a vital and vibrant part of the neighborhood's social and creative fabric. Foundation Professional
Juxtaposition Arts has been working with young artists in and around North Minneapolis with a specific emphasis on revitalizing the intersection of Broadway and Emerson through youth development, small business development and arts entrepreneurship. Their impact on the community among young people and families is palpable in their neighborhood. From the colorful murals they create in the summer that beautify the community, to the ongoing classes for youth in their studios, to the public events that bring positive and creative energy to the block. They are successfully transforming a place through arts, creativity and entrepreneurship embodied in an authentic, community-focused approach. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Juxtaposition Arts is demonstrating a new leadership on the north side of Minneapolis. The leadership is not about turf, but about the common good of the community as a whole, especially the future of the youth. Last April, they spearheaded the "Bruner Loeb Forum: Putting Creativity to Work for Stronger Communities through Art and Design," which was an inspiring gathering that expressed the spirit, passion and imagination that Juxtaposition embodies and is spreading in Minneapolis. Other
Social Enterprise Model
Juxtaposition Arts is making an impact on the lives of kids, families, and the community. Specifically, they help teach kids visual arts skills, but just as importantly, they are also teaching kids responsibility, dignity, entrepreneurial skills, and a sense of personal power. When a kid makes a mark on a canvas, sees his design on a wall or a t-shirt, or knows that they help conceptualize and realize a pocket park, that kid feels they can make a difference in the world. Their work has an impact on families because a kid can bring home a couple of hundred bucks from commissions or sales of their work. This is especially true when the family may only be making $24,000 a year. That means that the kid can buy the new clothes, shoes, or backpack they want, or just help with household finances. Finally, they are having an impact in the community by renovating vacant and under-utilized buildings into their arts campus and by improving the physical landscape of the community through murals, pocket parks, bus benches, banners and other street art. Foundation Professional
Juxtaposition Arts supports youth entering the creative workforce as dynamic innovators and problem solvers with the confidence, skills and connections they need to accomplish their educational and professional goals, and to contribute to the revitalization of the communities where they live and work. The organization combines design education and youth empowerment with a social-enterprise business model. Students begin with visual-arts literacy training and then have opportunities to be employed while learning and teaching professional design, production, and marketing skills in one of five social-enterprise studios that produce high-quality design products and services for sale to local and national customers. This organization is based in north Minneapolis, which has the largest concentration of African Americans in Minneapolis. The achievement gap between African American youth and white youth in Minneapolis has received national attention. This model is designed to bridge that gap by providing skills and community connections. Foundation Professional
Strong Programs
Juxtaposition Arts offers stimulating, hands-on programs and visual art and design programs for youth. They are an excellent partner with other arts organizations. Other
Juxtaposition does incredible things not only for north Minneapolis, but also with legitimizing the art form of graffiti. This includes honoring the tradition by teaching younger generations how to do it properly as an art form, as well as embracing the urban form. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Their impact is the skills imparted to students, their multiple programs that connect the arts and young people of color, the wide range of artists who work at Juxtaposition Arts and the number of youth per year who participate. Foundation Professional

Organizational Strengths

Juxtaposition Arts was founded by a passionate and knowledgeable couple, and their leadership has been a powerful force for the organization. Juxtaposition Arts is also known to be a great collaborating organization, seeking out helpful partnership. The organization's social enterprise model and well-crafted strategic vision are also great assets. They are thoughtful and intentional in their approach. Juxtaposition Arts’s commitment to their mission of connecting young African Americans to the arts is evident throughout their work.

Strong Youth Development
They are an arts organization yes, but they are also on a path to help youth enter the job market with creative and marketable problem-solving skills. They empower youth to create educational and professional goals for their successful futures. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Strong Organizational Strategy
I see their strength as the consistency of their vision over time. They have an ongoing commitment to their core constituencies. Foundation Professional
Their strength is strategic visioning. Everything Juxtaposition Arts does is thoughtfully done. When they tackle a community issue, from neighborhood innovation to youth entrepreneurship, they design their approaches by considering how they can have the most effective impact. And they do. They also have strong leadership. The Bruner-Loeb Forum was an example of how Juxtaposition Arts is stepping up as a new kind of leadership for the city. Other
The program strategy designed by the leaders of this organization, using a social-enterprise business model, is what contributes to its impact. The integration of problem-solving abilities through the hands-on creative process, moving from idea, to production, to market, are exactly the skills young people need to succeed in school, in work, and in life. This, combined with providing youth sustained participation in community-focused creative expression, is a unique and powerful approach. Foundation Professional
Their strength is their steady, solid approach to acquiring physical real estate assets that make them a fixture in the neighborhood and establishing the foundation for long lasting impact. Another of their strengths is their passionate leadership. Nonprofit Senior Staff
I see their strengths as their social entrepreneurship model and their strong leadership. Foundation Professional
Strong Collaboration
Juxtaposition Arts collaborates well with others. They are also a strong asset and contributor to neighborhood vitality. The organization has very capable staff with strong vision and connectivity with other organizations near their center and across the metro area. Foundation Professional
Program staff are creative and enthusiastic about forming collaborations with other arts organizations to extend the reach of their impact. Other
The artistic work is of very high quality and engages lots of artists and community members. Juxtaposition Arts has been very adept at working with multiple entities such as schools, local government, businesses and artists, which is an essential element in arts-based community development. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Excellent Leadership
Deanna and Roger Cummings are a powerhouse duo that founded the organization and have taken their own leadership to the next level first, by both completing Intermedia Arts' Creative Community Leadership Institute, followed by a Bush Leadership Fellowship for Deanna to attend Harvard's Kennedy School and a Design Fellowship at Harvard for Roger. After taking a one-year leave to complete their fellowships and degrees, Deanna and Roger came back to their organization and their neighborhood, further energized to put everything they learned and experienced into their mission. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Juxtaposition is lead by two incredible and charismatic leaders, Roger and DeAnna Cummings. Roger was a Loeb Fellow at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and DeAnna is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School. However, perhaps more important than their credentials, is their connection to the community. Both Roger and DeAnna know from personal experience how art can change the life of a young person; that is why they founded Juxtaposition more than 15 years ago. They have never forgotten their own histories and they are deeply rooted in their community. Foundation Professional
The strength of Juxtaposition Arts lies in its founders DeAnna and Roger Cummings. They are tireless, dedicated professionals committed to changing the lives of young African-American artists and to making their campus an arts hub for the whole of Minneapolis, not just north Minneapolis. Foundation Professional
This is a well-run organization run by a couple, who bring artistic and managerial expertise to their work and with a very strong commitment to both excellence and engagement. Researcher and Faculty

Areas for Improvement

Juxtaposition Arts could improve by adding stability to their finances. The organization has devised a strategy to reach this goal, and the coming years will be critical for them. They could also improve by raising the organization's visibility to gain more participants and recognition. Within the organization, they might consider developing ways to share and cultivate leadership opportunities for staff members who are not the organization’s founders. They should also consider expanding the Board of Directors to help ensure longevity. Lastly, Juxtaposition Arts should consider helping to nurture similar start-up organization and serve as a model and mentor.

Increase Visibility
They could improve on marketing and public relations. I would love to see their work become more visible outside of the neighborhood, to gain wider attention. Nonprofit Senior Staff
They could improve with more visibility. Other
Stabilize Financially
Juxtaposition, like many small- to mid-size arts organization is constantly struggling. Their plans to develop their campus, diversify their income streams, and build out a more robust set of programming positions them well to “break-through” the hand-to-mouth existence that many nonprofits suffer from. Doing this will, however, take capital and the confidence of funders in the next few critical years. Foundation Professional
Like many organizations, Juxtaposition needs to be better capitalized and to have a cushion for urgent matters. The balance sheet needs to be stronger. Foundation Professional
Expand Board of Directors
In order to secure the longevity of the organization, the leadership needs to work on expanding the Board of Directors. Foundation Professional
Cultivate Leadership Internally
They could improve by learning how to share leadership and empower equal partnership for individuals within the organization, in addition to the two strong founders. Nonprofit Senior Staff
Model & Mentor
I think I would like to see Juxtaposition Arts cooperating with similar groups around the region; encouraging a few similar start-ups in other neighborhoods and mentoring these to magnify their impact. Researcher and Faculty


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