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Phoenix, AZ

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Physical Address:
Phoenix, AZ 85029 1830
Paula Cullison
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Basic Organization Information


Physical Address:
Phoenix, AZ 85029 1830
NTEE Category:
P Human Services 
P20 (Human Service Organizations) 
Ruling Year:

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Mission Statement

The Arizona Women’s Partnership, Inc., an all volunteer philanthropic 501 (C) 3 non-profit, was formed in 2002 to help under-served women and youth at risk in Arizona. AZWP awards grants to qualified small 501 (C) 3 non-profits that assist underserved women and children at risk in AZ. AZWP grant recipients, all 501 (C) 3 non-profits, are selected through an annual application and review process. The application is on our website. www.azwp.org Our beneficiaries address many issues facing underserved women and their families, including: domestic violence, child abuse, literacy education and training, youth at risk, homelessness, health and the needs of refugee women. Profiles of our grant recipients can be found on our website. We come together with one goal in mind; namely, to make a difference in the lives of others. The beneficiaries of our fundraising efforts are small grass roots organizations that assist underserved and disadvantaged women and their families. AZWP receives its funding from small businesses, corporations, and individuals. Donors are listed on our website. To date (2013), AZWP has awarded over $270,000 in grants to over 45 qualified non-profits (assisting over 80,000 under-served women and children in Arizona). Most of our grant recipients are multiple year awardees.

Program: Grants Awarded - over $270,000 (to date)

Population Served:

Program Description:

AZWP awards grants annually to qualified non-profits who address the needs of underserved women and children at risk in Arizona

Program Long-Term Success:

Since 2002, AZWP has awarded over $270,000 in grants to over 50 non-profits that address the needs of underserved women and children at risk. The Arizona Women's Partnership, Inc. is an all volunteer philanthropic non-profit.

Program Short-Term Success:

Volunteer recruitment ...mostly through volunteermatch.org

Program Success Monitored by:

AZWP Grant Review Committee

Program Success Examples:

domestic violence awaeness programs, at risk youth leadership delelopment, support for children in foster care, ESL programs for immigrants and refugees.

Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

This organization has not provided an impact summary.

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