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Torrance, CA

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Torrance, CA 90505 9050
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Ms. Deirdre O'Connor
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Physical Address:
Torrance, CA 90505 9050
Web URL:
Blog URL:
NTEE Category:
I Crime, Legal Related 
I80 Legal Services 
R Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy 
R60 Civil Liberties Advocacy 
Ruling Year:
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Private Donations - $15,173

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Mission Statement

Innocence Matters is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing wrongful convictions.  We provide direct representation for innocent people but our work is primarily focused on the broader goals of education, prevention and reform, especially through our new I Am Innocent program.  Wrongful convictions are all the more tragic because they are often completely preventable.   Our I Am Innocent mentoring program will enable us to protect countless innocent people by providing the falsely accused with a broad toolkit for protecting their innocence.   An important component of Innocence Matters' work is to ensure that the lessons of our past mistakes are not lost on those in a position to reform our justice system.

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Ms. Deirdre O'Connor


Since Mar 2010


The Executive Director is an experience and successful criminal defense trial lawyer who has devoted the past 17 years protecting the rights of indigent criminal defendants.  She also has prior experience as a law school clinician where she supervised 6-8 third-year law students as they investigated and tried their first criminal case.

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Program: I Am Innocent

Crime & Legal
Population Served:
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged, Indigent, General

Program Description:

When the innocent have an inattentive or ineffective lawyer, they are far more likely to be wrongfully convicted.  Once convicted, it can take decades to correct the injustice.  More often than not, claims of ineffective assistance of counsel are hampered by a silent record and a lawyer more skilled at defending himself than his clients.  The 18-month I Am Innocent mentoring program will teach the innocent how to get needed attention and create a record of innocence before trial. I Am Innocent will protect 100 probable innocent people in Los Angeles County while collecting data regarding the quality of representation that will be used to create Informed Innocence a free national resource.  Informed Innocence will teach the innocent how to: get the most from their court-appointed lawyers, develop a strong working relationship with their lawyer, identify signs of an ineffective lawyer, document and preserve evidence of their innocence, and, if needed, replace an ineffective lawyer.

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Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

We officially opened our doors on June 7, 2010, and, thus far, have been staffed entirely by volunteers.  We are on the verge of securing our first exoneration for a man who has spent half his life in prison for a crime he did not commit.   In the process, we have exposed a dozen law students to the importance of zealous advocacy and trained them how to be the very best advocate for their client.  As we end our first fiscal year and move to the next, we are busy finalizing an exciting new preventative program that will innocent people and enable us to create a national resource for all those falsely accused.

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