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Oakland, CA

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Oakland, CA 94619 
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Renewable Energy Ent...
Mr. Ralph Chesley
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Basic Organization Information


Also Known As:
Physical Address:
Oakland, CA 94619 
Web URL:
Blog URL:
Renewable Energy Ent... 
NTEE Category:
S Community Improvement, Capacity Building 
S32 Rural 
E Health—General & Rehabilitative 
E21 Community Health Systems 
C Environmental Quality Protection, Beautification 
C35 Energy Resources Conservation and Development 
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Mission Statement

The foundation was created so public service programs like hospitals, schools, municipalities and villages and families can be less dependent on traditional energy sources and thereby lessen economic hardships and reduce the environmental impact and health hazards. Our mission is to offer solar photovoltaic systems with wind generators and small hydroelectric generators to help lift communities out of poverty. REEF intends to educate the general public of the benefits of renewable energy and train local tradesmen in photovoltaic and wind energy technologies to establish a pool of qualified technicians and foster a sustainable renewable energy market.

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Mr. Ralph Chesley


Since Jan 2008


Born in Manila, Philippines and raised in Candelaria, Zambales until the age of 12, Ralph returned after 38 years in 2003 to find living conditions remained at subsistence farming. He sought to make a change, and five years later he formed REEF a 501(c)3 public charity non-profit international tax-exempt organization. Its mission, to alleviate poverty focuses on health care, education career development and family assistance through the use of renewable energy technologies.  Prior to REEF, Ralph designed solar systems and presented environmental and economic cost benefit analysis on solar PV systems. With 20 years in the energy industry, Ralph work in the utility power industry both in fossil and nuclear power plants assisting Fortune 500 utilities in western United States and Canada improve plant efficiencies. As a registered energy auditor with CEC, home owners and small business owners benefited from his energy efficiency recommendations.  As President and CEO, Ralph is responsible for the success of REEF’s mission. He oversees the daily operations while developing new programs to broaden its reach to serve the poor.   Ralph serves on the Board of Directors for The Candelarians, an association of ex-pats from his home town and is a member on the advisory board for the Center for Filipino Studies, under the auspices of California State University of East Bay directed by Efren Padilla, PhD.

Leadership Statement:

REEF offers its community recipients an opportunity to lift itself out of poverty through the installation of hybrid solar systems in areas of highly centralized activities like hospitals. The uniqueness of REEF's Green Hospital program is the immediate distribution of healthcare benefits in the form of expanded free prescription program, prenatal-post natal care, reliable emergency ambulance service or health education to lower cases of heart disease to name a few.

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Program: Green Hospital Program

Health Care
Population Served:
Asian/Pacific Islander
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged, Indigent, General
General Public/Unspecified

Program Description:

With the savings from reduced electric costs from a hybrid solar photovoltaic systems with wind generators, hospitals have added capacity to improve delivery of healthcare services. Program improvements range from expanded prescription programs for indigenous families to nutritional classes focused on prevention of heart disease.

Program Long-Term Success:

As healthcare professionals improve skills to better diagnose ailments with new equipment and expand the delivery of preventive healthcare services, measurement of success will be judged by lower infant mortality, fewer sick days and fewer cases of heart disease while spending less time in the hospital. The combined efforts of the Green Hospital Program will be evident as the Community prospers as a whole and with higher completion of primary and secondary education.  Community benefits include but not limited to:  reduced air pollution from contribution of solar PV and wind generators, equivalent to savings of 24,815 kilos of CO2,  removal of 27 kilos of Sulfur dioxide, 37 kilos of nitrous oxide and the equivalent of planting 2.8 hectares (5 acres) of trees.  16MW of electricity is saved over the life of the project.

Program Short-Term Success:

Short term medical success will be determined, in part,  by the Chief of hospital's priority list: provide emergency ambulance services to the area that has 4,321 households spread over an area of 170 square miles; expand benefits of the free prescription program to the very poor; the hospital is in dire of an on site water purification system capable to expand production easily; and, must offer reliable medical services through power outages and natural disasters such as monsoons and earthquakes.

Program Success Monitored by:

Several public and private organizations  / NGO's could monitor Green Hospital's program.  With regards to education local schools track graduation numbers, tabulate exit exam scores and logged continuation into colleges, the numbers are readily transferable into matrixes to highlight trends in educational improvement. Monitoring emergency patient care and extended care patient success is another matter.  Although the hospital keeps accurate records of patient history, medical care, and eventual discharge, records are not tabulated into a database so as to extrapolate long term improvements.  REEF will seek out public third party organizations who are presently involved in medical data collection and submit reports to the provincial administrators.

Program Success Examples:

Reduced deaths from traumatic incidents, lower infant mortality, fewer cases of heart of decease, less overnight patient stay, higher completion rates of primary education and slight improvement in secondary eduction.

Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

REEF created the Family First Program to identify families living in extreme poverty too poor to afford electricity and equip them with solar power. There are numerous articles and studies that collaborate a direct relationship between electricity, or lack of, and cultural poverty. The program benefits are children have a higher percentage of completing primary and secondary education, fewer pregnancies, removal of bio-fuels as a source of light. Clean wood burning stoves reduce by 80% smoke particulate from 3 stone open pit fireplace.     REEF and its representatives from local government units and hospital administrators signed an agreement to install solar systems on three hospitals and to support REEF's Green Hospital Program. Located in the province of Zambales, Philippines this is the first known instance of renewable energy technology (RET) applied to hospitals on the main island. The smallest of the three hospital's has an anticipated energy savings over the life of the solar system is approximately $525,000, not including the 5% - 7% annual utility rate increase.  And as part of its sustainability program the local utility agreed to take part in REEF's RET training program were utility electricians receive training in installation, maintenance and troubleshooting techniques and it turn they train local trade organizations.  The net effect is to establish the province with a pool of highly trained technicians in the field of renewable energy.

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