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Agenda SOS International Inc

AKA Bruce Organization Bruce Peru

Washington, DC

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Agenda SOS International Inc

Also Known As:
Bruce Organization Bruce Peru
Physical Address:
Washington, DC 20016 
Web URL:
Mr. Bruce Thornton
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Basic Organization Information

Agenda SOS International Inc

Also Known As:
Bruce Organization Bruce Peru
Physical Address:
Washington, DC 20016 
Web URL:
NTEE Category:
B Educational Institutions 
B90 Educational Services and Schools - Other 
B Educational Institutions 
B20 Elementary, Secondary Ed 
P Human Services 
P40 Family Services 
Ruling Year:
How This Organization Is Funded:
Contribution from founder and family - $97,000
Contributions from friends & foreign donations - $72,000
Local fundraising - $49,500

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Mission Statement

Agenda SOS International Bruce Organization is a non-profit group that provides education to underprivileged and abandoned children in Latin American . We are feeding, clothing, healing, and most importantly, educating these street children. Our volunteer-run organization converts laborers into students by providing them a nurturing environment through education, love, and family support. Agenda SOS Int'l Bruce Organization builds shelters for pregnant teen rape victims, works with victims of violence and promotes women's rights. For mothers who do not have a source of income due to the unemployement of their children, we train and partner with them to run their own micro-enterprises. Our aim is to enrich the lives of the poorest most abused children and their mothers.

Financial Data

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Balance Sheet

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Mr. Bruce Thornton


For nearly 30 years Bruce Thornton, on behalf of Agenda S.O.S. International Inc. has mounted humanitarian projects both independently and in collaboration with other charities - usually in aid of needy children. 1976 - 1982 Orphanage, Grenoble, France Terre des Hommes. 1978 - 1990 Mercy Ships Project. 1979 - 1998 In association with:SOS International Childrens Villages. Clothes distributions and sent volunteers to orphanages. 1980 - 1987 Provided shelter and a new life for homeless people - opened the second Emaus House in America. 1983 - 87 In association with Missionaries of Charity of England and Mother Theresa of Calcutta. Clothes, medicated and offered financial aid to the poor in India. 1983 - 1993 In association with Prison Fellowship International of Virginia, US Offered assistance to wives and children of the poor prisoners. 1985 - 1986 Provided the primary relief to Ciudad Guzman, Mexico, a city of 90 thousand which was 60% distroyed in the 1985 earthquake. 1985 - 1996 In association with ICMC International Catholic Migration Commission of Switzerland, provided shelter and assistance to refugees. 1996 - 2000 Sponsored single mothers who sheltered street children in Latin America. 2001 - Founded the Bruce Organization in Peru.

Board Chair

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Program: Education

Population Served:
Children and Youth (infants - 19 years.)

Program Description:

Our programs our composed of: 1. Educating children, who do not have prior education, who are abused and work on the streets in Latin America. 2. Developing micro-finance initiatives with the mothers of these children through Arriba Ya! 3. We have a English and French language school for locals, which helps us sustain our work.

Program Long-Term Success:

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Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

Agenda SOS International Bruce Organization works to create sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice within the communities we work in. Our programs invest in human potential by providing each child and woman with a sound foundation that will encourage future success in school and in life. In keeping with this focus, we have programs in education and micro finance that create students out of child laborers and provide unemployed women the tools they need to become financially independent. We are a volunteer-run non-profit organization based in Washington, DC with our headquarters in Peru. Our programs span throughout 9 Latin American countries with a total of 40 centers that serve 3,000 children and 600 mothers.

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