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Delta Ministries International

AKA Christian Mission Teams International - Compassion and Gospel Outreach

Vancouver, WA

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Delta Ministries International

Also Known As:
Christian Mission Teams International - Compassion and Gospel Outreach
Physical Address:
Vancouver, WA 98684 
Web URL:
Blog URL:
Mr. Brian Heerwagen
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Basic Organization Information

Delta Ministries International

Also Known As:
Christian Mission Teams International - Compassion and Gospel Outreach
Physical Address:
Vancouver, WA 98684 
Web URL:
Blog URL:
NTEE Category:
X Religion, Spiritual Development 
X20 Christian 
O Youth Development 
O55 Religious Leadership, Youth Development 
M Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness and Relief 
M20 Disaster Preparedness and Relief Services 
Year Founded:
Ruling Year:
How This Organization Is Funded:
Mission Team (Program) Contributions - $65,664
Contributions and General Support - $539,648
In-Kind Contributions - $19,964

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Mission Statement

For the fulfillment of the Great Commission, DELTA Ministries International serves as a missions resource for the local church as it cultivates Christ-like character in individuals.

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Balance Sheet

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Mr. Brian Heerwagen


Since Sept 1985


I serve as the Chief Executive Officer for DELTA Ministries. My first short-term mission (STM) ever was on a DELTA team in 1980. I continued to go on short-term teams each year. In 1985 I was hired as the director at DELTA. At that time, I was a student at the University of Oregon in the School of Architecture. Though I don't do much with design or building buildings, much of what I learned about strategies, organization and people have helped in my leadership at DELTA. I have been to missions fields in 26 countries and have led or been on countless short-term teams. One of the highlights, for me, was taking Jesus to an unreached people group in the Andes Mountains of northern Argentina. Another highlight would be partnership with churches in southern Italy and participating in evangelistic ministries where we've seen so many come to Christ. And I'd have to say an added highlight would be all the missionaries that I've gotten to know over the years - I have some great friends around the world!

Leadership Statement:

DELTA Ministries started as a great idea and, in 1979, the first team was sent out to serve local churches. The training, at its core was rooted in God’s Word and His principles for service. As a result, it was life-changing and the ministry that followed gave people opportunity to put it into practice. Now, having completed our 33rd year, I am proud to say that what was core to DELTA then remains core today. Yet, I have to admit over the years things have challenged the very core of what we do. Those things may come from the outside through “the changing times,” or they may come from the inside, like in those times when we “think we’ve got it all together.” In any case, keeping to the core can be challenging. The delivery of every ministry may be different, but the core remains: Discipling – We utilize short-term missions to remind, train and equip those who are already saved to the call of a completely surrendered life to Christ—to imbibe in His Spirit and to imitate His example. Evangelizing - DELTA equips every short-termer to share their faith. Leading - DELTA’s missionary staff offers over 200 years of combined missions and ministry experience that has collectively served in over 40 countries. This experience enables DELTA to step in and help train and equip both pastors and lay staff to lead teams as well as personally lead teams as needed. Training - DELTA trains up short-termers in four core areas: Christian Character, Conduct, Community, and Crossing Culture. Assisting - DELTA provides churches, schools, partner mission ministries and individual assistance through the three phases of short-term mission: pre-field, on-field and post-field. Our assistance is hands-on and customized based on the needs at hand and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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Program: Church-Based Mobilization

Population Served:
Youth/Adolescents only (14 - 19 years)
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged, Indigent, General

Program Description:

DELTA comes alongside the local church and provides customized training, consultation and logistical support so that the church can integrate short-term ministry teams into their outreach strategy. DELTA has Area Directors who serve as a partner with local church leadership and provide regular consulting throughout the multiple phases of a short-term team.

Program Long-Term Success:

Nearly 500 individuals from local churches in the U.S. and New Zealand are mobilized for both U.S. and international outreach. Together, over 75,000 man-hours are contributed by adults and youth free of charge to assist and love others the the disadvantaged in over 20 countries around the world.  These teams share the love of Jesus Christ verbally and practically.  The long term success includes:  A personal relationship with God, those who are need and helpless are provided food, shelter and clothing.  Individuals and families devastated by Hurricanes or earthquakes are provided new housing, financial support and have seen their lives rebuilt.

Program Short-Term Success:

- Over 40 teams from churches have been properly trained and mobilized for mission work in nearly 20 countries; -  75,000 volunteer hours have been contributed to serve those in need and share the love of Jesus Christ. - Free medical clinics have been offered in India and Haiti to help those who cannot help themselves. - 20 homes have been built, clean water plants for two communities, a school and church built for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Program Success Monitored by:

- We are in constant communication with churches and their leadership about our performance, which ensures we can correct issues along the way; - We also survey every short-term mission team after completion and evaluate feedback to determine if goals were met; - The host location is also surveyed for feedback and correction action is taken; - We are also evaluated and audited by the Standards of Excellence (SOE) peer review team, which is a national best practice association for short-term missions.

Program Success Examples:

A team of 36 individuals served in an orphan village in Uganda.  They were able to conduct a free dental clinic for those that do not have access to good health care, they painted 5 homes in an orphan village, they decorated a home used to host people, set up clothes lines so mums could hang their clothes, brought gifts and hygiene items to mums who care for orphans and built solid relationships.  This is one example of many teams that will serve this year.

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Helped to send 55 teams and 496 people who volunteered 83,307 hours to serve in 11 countries Equipped 52 leaders who trained teams from their churches (impacting nearly 600 individuals) Developed innovative approaches utilizing technology, Facebook and Twitter and webinars to equip the next generation for missions Continued long-term relief and recovery efforts in both Japan and Haiti, through building homes, schools and rebuilding lives. Distributed over 2,000 copies of training curriculum to churches around the U.S.
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