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Learning Is For Everyone Inc

  • Tampa, FL

Mission Statement

LI4E is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports community innovation and entrepreneurship..

Main Programs

  1. Community Innovation Center

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ruling year


chief executive for fy 2013

Mr. Irv Cohen

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co-chief executive

Ms. Jamie Klingman

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education, lifelong learning, learning,

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Programs + Results

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Impact statement

LI4E has led development of the Community Innovation Center in downtown Tampa, in partnership with the John F. Germany Library and Hillsborough County, Florida.


What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

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Program 1

Community Innovation Center

The LI4E Community Innovation Center at John F. Germany Library in downtown Tampa is a 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art creative space that will bring new functionality to the Library, provide small business support and pioneer new avenues of creative expression, knowledge acquisition and entrepreneurship for people of all ages , backgrounds, abilities and interests.

The mission of the LI4E Community Innovation Center (CIC) is to provide capacity building and commensurate economic development to area residents and other members of the community in cost effective, collaborative ways, utilizing the existing expertise and experience of community members who are professionals in their fields.


Education & Technology



Population Served


Youth/Adolescents only (14 - 19 years)

Young Adults (20-25 years) -- currently not in use

Charting Impact

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  1. What is the organization aiming to accomplish?
    *Build a strong business-education partnership that aligns area companies with FIRST teams and other youth education programs
    *Be an integral part of the economic development community in Tampa Bay, and
  2. What are the organization's key strategies for making this happen?
    We've recently allied with the Hillsborough County Start Up Ecosystem, to make others aware of our programs and efforts, and better provide services and outreach. We'll also be partnering with area libraries and schools in support of their efforts to create makerspaces, and provide STEM education through FIRST robotics and other programs.
  3. What are the organization's capabilities for doing this?
    The recent addition of LI4E to the Hillsborough County Start Up Ecosystem map is as valuable for the recognition it offers to our programs, as for the improved visibility it will give us in our community, and the precedent it sets for the future efforts of other similar organizations.
  4. How will they know if they are making progress?
    Measure of progress will be acceptance by the community of our efforts and the growth of collaborative partnerships.
  5. What have and haven't they accomplished so far?
    Each challenge has resulted in a greater focus of mission and goals and improved strategies for reaching them. Every new effort is evaluated with an eye to how it serves our mission of changing culture through empowering life long learners.

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Funding Needs

LIFE provides liberal learning opportunities in a  fiscally conservative and responsible manner. Our budget has grown to about $10000 annually to better serve our project needs.   Almost all budget needs are met through community sponsorship and student fundraising efforts.Website costs have been minimal, but increasing our investment in our web based presence will enable us to provide more functionality.  Additionally, we're providing more community based programs each year.

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Learning Is For Everyone Inc



Free: Gain immediate access to the following:
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  • Forms 990 for 2013 and 2011
  • Board Chair and Board Members
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Mr. Irv Cohen

co-chief executive

Ms. Jamie Klingman


Irv Cohen, Board Chairman, is the Managing Director of Innovations Capital Group, a boutique investment bank and advisory firm, located in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Cohen also serves on the Board of Big Brothers and Big Sisters and is a Big Brother himself. An avid education supporter, Mr Cohen has served on numerous Education related boards and is currently a Board member of C2 One Fit Labs. Mr Cohen has also been an enthusiastic supporter of the local entrepreneurial community. Mr Cohen was responsible for building world-class businesses for global financial organizations throughout his career. Mr. Cohen has held numerous senior management positions including serving as President of J.P. Morgan Treasury Technologies Corporation; Managing Director of ABN AMRO, Inc.; Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for Lehman Brothers Fixed Income business and Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Barclays Bank, North America.


"As we move into the end of our first decade, we're proud of the new ways of thinking and learning that we've brought to our immediate community and into the larger education conversation and look forward to creating more exciting, innovative and economically productive ways to live and learn together."



Mr. Irv Cohen

Innovations Capital Group

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