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UofN Student Mobilization Centre of Youth With A Mission

  • Ocean City, NJ

Mission Statement

Connect empowered students to make a real-world difference.

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  1. Missional Internships
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We have mobilized 75 internships to 35 countries with students from over 100 colleges/universities in nine nations.

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International Centre Director since 2004


Mr. John S Hwang

YWAM Converge Director since 1998


Mr. John Henry



Discipleship, Training, Community Development, Poor, Needy, Water, Education, Medical, Health Care, Christian, Students, Internships, Outreach, Campus, YWAM, Church Planting, Mobilization, Prayer, Conferences

Notes from the Nonprofit

Converge ( is for Christian students and emerging leaders actively searching for an internship or volunteer service assignment. It enables them to explore opportunities from a host of projects with partner organizations that match their faith, interests, and skills. Converge is an online platform where students can apply for international and community service projects, and receive theological training, fundraising support, and mentorship to prepare them to make the most of their experience.

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Also Known As

YWAM Converge



Physical Address

1555 Zion Rd. Suite 203

Northfield, NJ 08225


Cause Area (NTEE Code)

Student Services and Organizations (B80)

Religion Related, Spiritual Development N.E.C. (X99)

Leadership Development (W70)

IRS Filing Requirement

This organization is required to file an IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ.

Programs + Results

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To prepare Youth With A Mission staff for campus ministries and student mobilization projects, we run two primary programs:
A. School of University Ministries & Missions: The core training program for Youth With A Mission staff worldwide. We have trained over 100 campus ministry workers from Korea, India, Mexico, Hong Kong, Nepal, Thailand, Kenya, and the USA. We have presented the SUMM in India (3 times), Thailand, S. Korea, Colombia, and the USA.

B. Internship Placements (formerly called Field Ministry Internships FMI):
The SMC has combined discipleship with short-term service alongside long-term projects through 75 internships to 35 countries with students from over 100 colleges/universities in nine nations.
Impact of the Internship Program:

Here is an example of how one student is making a lasting impact. Xian Wu was studying engineering, he said, “just to make my parents happy." While in East Timor in 2003, Xian stepped into our make-shift medical clinic when a small boy was brought in with burns all over his face. A kerosene lantern had fallen on him. Xian and I had lunch together in Hong Kong six years later. He said, “What you taught me on that internship left an indelible mark on me." He learned that God's mission is not to be relegated to church ministries; it includes the work of an engineer. Xian went on to start a company manufacturing solar-power LED lanterns. As of May 31, 2014, D.Light Design has empower


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What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

Program 1

Missional Internships

A growing number of young people motivated to make a difference and help solve world problems like poverty, HIV/AIDS, malaria, etc. However, many of them have little grounding in Biblical truth. We see the urgent need to mobilize a new generation of student volunteers from every academic discipline who will learn to think Biblically and who will preach and practice the Gospel of the Kingdom with relevance to the issues and needs of today.

SMC has launched a new cloud-based platform for Internship Placement & Outreach Connections. It's called CONVERGE, a short-term learning-serving experience for university students. Participants minister cross-culturally in situations related to their field of study. They gain academic credit serving one of many development and church planting partner projects in needy areas of the world.

Our distinctive projects provide a Biblical framework, personal discipleship, and community involvement to help students relate personally with Jesus while utilizing their specialized university training as they serve a world in need. These projects integrate the theoretical with the practical, the sacred with the secular, studies with service, the local with the global, and the personal with the corporate calling to make disciples of all nations.


Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Grantmaking

Population(s) Served

Young Adults (20-25 years) -- currently not in use

General Public/Unspecified

Youth/Adolescents only (14 - 19 years)



Charting Impact

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  1. What is the organization aiming to accomplish?
    We will register no more than 50 project opportunities for the summer of 2016. We must not allow Converge to scale too fast. First, we must build an organization to support the platform.

    Through the years, various organizations, churches, and individuals have invested in the mobilization efforts of the SMC, including special contributions to help us develop the software for Converge. (See appendix for report on expenditures during the development phase.)

    We invite you to help us take Converge to young people like Xian who said: “What you taught me on that internship left an indelible mark on me."

    We ask that you become a sustaining member of our ministries through a $100/month contribution toward our immediate goals for 2016. Our goal with the necessary funding is to recruit key staff to form the organization necessary to take Converge to market. This organization must be able to support the mobilization of over 1000 students annually by 2018.
  2. What are the organization's key strategies for making this happen?
    Our mission is to mobilize university students of all nations on every campus worldwide to God's purposes for their lives in knowing Him and making Him known through their life's work.

    Converge helps project leaders in communities all over the world by serving their organization's need for pre-qualified short-term volunteers. Converge helps those organizations design their own internship program. Converge connects four types of mission-minded people: Students, Hosts, Mentors, and Donors. Converge facilitates a student's learning, as they volunteer to make a real-world difference in a community through the initiative and hospitality of a key organization insider, the Host.

    By registering a project, the Host initiates the opportunity and gives final approval for Student applicants. Every Host project will be validated through YWAM's international network. Students choose a Mentor from their own community. Donors directly engage the student, project, or cause they care about.
  3. What are the organization's capabilities for doing this?
    1. Converge Hosts Register Projects: Hosts use our online “Create an Internship" form to design a customized internship program with an organization in their community.

    2. Students Search Site & Apply: Participants search for internship opportunities that relate to their passions and career goals. Participants are matched and approved by prescreened Hosts.

    3. Donors Support Students & Internship Projects: Donors from the student's church community and beyond can sponsor students they care about or sponsor Converge to help sustain operations. All donations are tax-deductible in the USA.

    4. Students choose Mentors with Pastor's Help: Students choose a Mentor with cross-cultural and field work experience from their own community. They post their Mentor contact info on their Personal Dashboard and Converge sends the Mentor information about the Course curriculum. The Mentor does not travel with the Student.

    5. Students Connect in Online Course: Students are enrolled in the Converge Course joining a global community of fellow learners. Course log in credentials are provided in their Personal Dashboard.

    6. Students Serve Host's Organizations: Students are met at the port of entry by the Host. Hosts provide a full day orientation. Students are instructed to observe, listen, and ask open-ended questions. The big question, "What can I do here, with the time and resources that I have, to make a real difference?" The Host and Student agree on what will be the Final Converge Project Assignment.
  4. How will they know if they are making progress?
    Current Phase of Converge Launch with specific activities to be undertaken with this year's sustaining contributions (including timeline):

    Phase One: We are briefing YWAM leaders and network partners around the world through teleconference meetings about how to set up internship project opportunities. These meeting are for information purposes and to help us identify potential staff members for Converge. We will only approve a limited number of internship opportunities for the first phase until we have key staff in place.

    Phase Two: We must add the primary staff leaders during this phase, including Chief Operating Officer, Marketing Director, and Development Officer. We will post Internship Opportunities with restraint, scaling slowly in order to maximize the student, host, mentor, and donor experience. We will fill only a few Internship Opportunities with students to provide a high quality experience. Hosts will continue to register Opportunities, however we will exercise discipline. And we will develop and use key performance indicators and measures of success.
  5. What have and haven't they accomplished so far?
    Development began in 2009 beginning with a SWOT analysis of our internships program and a prototype was completed in 2012. After 24 months of development, we released the Minimum Viable Product of The following is a summary of the development phases and accomplished activities:

    Prototype (July-Dec '12)
    Created and tested the viability of the project through a prototype integrating Salesforce with a Wordpress site. Signed up 20 example host projects.

    Online Course (Jan-Mar '13)
    Redesigned curriculum for online delivery and placed the five phase course on Coursesites by Blackboard.

    Comprehensive Program Evaluation (Apr-Jun '13)
    Evaluated prototype and found 95% of those who began the online application dropped out. Performed a high level re-examination of all system needs based on user stories. Each User has expectations, thoughts and feelings, related to their involvement with Converge. Opportunities were programmed into the site and back-end work flow.

    Tech Team (Jul-Sep '13)
    Assembled tech resources and needs, including personnel and funding. Received $28,000 grant to hire software developers.

    Office & Volunteers (Oct-Dec 13)
    Continued Tech development. Secured office space and two local volunteers.

    Pilot Test (Jan-Mar '14)
    Continued tech development and tested Course site curriculum, including Mentor interaction, with pilot group in South Jersey. Decided Mentors should be chosen by student from their own community with the help of their pastor.

    Branding & Pre-launch Funding (Apr-Jun '14)
    Continued tech development and tested name for platform (changed from IPO Connection to Converge). Hosted our first annual fund raising banquet. Raised just under $4,000 at banquet. Received additional $4000 from colleague.

    Marketing Strategy & Final Designing (Aug - Sept '14)
    Hired SolomonRex Marketing consultants for $4500 and worked closely in development of strategy. Created a distinct brand identity to maximize our impact on students, constituents, and internal stakeholders. Streamlined student profile and fundraising capabilities, built a lead-generation funnel, completed approval systems, developed follow up email system to sustain community. Raised additional $7,000 through personal appeals.

    Initial Launch Announcements (Oct - Dec 2014)
    Signed up as Community Partner with Movement Day and New York City Leadership Center ($5,000). Delegates at the event on Oct. 23-24 included leaders from more than 50 City Movements, dozens of agencies, and hundreds of churches/agencies. Produced display and materials ($1250)

Service Areas



We have mobilized 75 internships to 35 countries with students from over 100 colleges/universities in nine nations.

Additional Documents

Social Media


Funding Needs

In 2011 we received a continuing annual grant equal to $10,000 annually which includes ten User Licenses from In addition, we received 10,000 monthly emails from Vertical Response. We have used these powerful tools in our mobilization efforts, however there is much, much more we can do. In 2011, we completed the first stage of our new web site (    For 2012, we are programming for our campaign to identify 100 Field Project internship host Partners, which will have full integration with our web site, including a Project registry, applications, and back-office approval processes. (Estimated cost, if no IT volunteer is found: $30,000; cost with IT volunteer: $2,000)   Collaboration Project funding and Operations funding are acquired through grants and private gifts. The SMC Annual Fund assists SMC director and staff for their travel and work on Projects as well as for ongoing Operations.   IT Programming                         $2,000.00 Accounting, Insurance                $5,000.00 Director's Travel:                        $9,000.00 URBANA Conference               $10,000.00 Vehicle for Mobile School          $18,000.00 Total                                          $44,000.00


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UofN Student Mobilization Centre of Youth With A Mission



Free: Gain immediate access to the following:
  • Address, phone, website and contact information
  • Forms 990 for 2103, 2014 and 2013
  • Board Chair and Board Members
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International Centre Director

Mr. John S Hwang

YWAM Converge Director

Mr. John Henry


John responsible for all aspects of a Centre's operations worldwide including spiritual leadership, academic affairs, strategic planning, reliable administration, effective outreach and accountability of all personnel and resources.

STATEMENT FROM THE International Centre Director

"With the launch of the new Converge platform (, the Student Mobilization Centre (SMC) has entered a new growth pattern. A few years ago the SMC went through a major strategy review and analysis of programs, much of which had been driven by the continuing studies of various members of the SMC International Committee.

SMC has led four Schools of University Ministries & Missions (SUMM) on three continents: USA & INDIA, KOREA, THAILAND and COLOMBIA. Our training program has produced several new YWAM Campus Ministries and projects in new locations."



Mr. Geoff Isley


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