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Alpha Omega Miracle Home Inc

  • Saint Augustine, FL
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Mission Statement

To honor Christ by serving the needs of homeless women and children.

Main Programs

  1. Transitional Supportive Housing
  2. Extended Families Program
  3. AOMH Community Outreach Services

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President & Founder


Mrs. Lisa Franklin

President/Founder since 2001


Lisa Carol Franklin



Transitional Housing, homeless, mothers, children, seniors, Christian

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Also Known As

Alpha-Omega Miracle Home Thrift Store


Cause Area (NTEE Code)

Low-Cost Temporary Housing (includes Youth Hostels) (L40)

Single Parent Agencies/Services (P42)

Homeless Services/Centers (P85)

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This organization is required to file an IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ.

Programs + Results

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Alpha-Omega Miracle Home is primarily a transitional housing program that exists to provide shelter, support and hope to homeless women and children in St. Johns County. We accomplish this goal by connecting homeless women with 4 key resources: education, employment, counseling, and faith. Alpha-Omega also offers outreach services to assist low-income families who do not reside in our transitional housing. We are making an impact in St. Johns County. From March 2013-2014, AOMH provided 10,585 safe bed nights, 7,280 diapers & wipes, 360 free counseling sessions, 6,000 case management hours, 5,223 lbs of groceries, 925 household goods & furniture, 2,727 artices of clothing, 1,253 pairs of shoes, 4,728 daycare dropoffs/pick ups, 199 life skills classes, and 554 free vouchers to the Alpha-Omega Thrift Store.


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Program 1

Transitional Supportive Housing

Alpha-Omega Miracle Home is a provider of transitional supportive housing for homeless expectant and single mothers, children, and senior women. Currently, we can house up to 36 women and children. The overarching goal of AOMH's two year transitional housing program is to bring stability to women and children encountering homelessness, and to bring them hope and encouragement for a better future. The program requires that single moms enroll in school to further their education so that they can earn above minimum wage to support their children in the future. The program also requires single moms to work and save money. The women are given a 60 day grace period to secure employment. While not employed, residents are required to volunteer at the AOMH thrift store or at local churches and senior centers.

Each resident is assigned an on-site case manager. AOMH case managers are trained to assess the clients needs and help the client with access to adequate medical care; teach residents how to maintain a clean and healthy home; teach financial responsibility through one-on-one weekly budget meetings and financial planning seminars; help residents to further their education through enrollment in high school, technical college or community college; provide access to food through our community partnership with Second Harvest of Northeast Florida and educate residents on health and nutrition through on-site life skills classes and cooking classes; and finally, case manager ensure all single mothers in our residential program have the necessary skills to be responsible and loving parents to their children through parenting classes, our partnership with Family Integrity and Healthy Families, educational books dvd's, and by working one-on-one life skills coaches.



Population(s) Served

Single Parents

Children and Youth (infants - 19 years.)

Aging/Elderly/Senior Citizens


Program 2

Extended Families Program

Often single parents do not seek the help they need for addiction recovery because they fear losing custody of their children permanently once DCF places their children in foster care. Our Extended Families are Christian foster families who care for the children of parents in crisis with the goal of reuniting families once the parent has had a chance to seek help. AOMH Extended Families program houses 5-10 children annually. The families who agree to be foster families in the Extended Families program are required to go through all of the same background screenings and home studies as DCF foster families. Alpha-Omega also works with partner agencies and can refer parents to organizations that assist with drug and alcohol abuse recovery.


Foster Care

Population(s) Served

Children and Youth (infants - 19 years.)


Substance Abusers (Drug/Alcohol Abusers)


Program 3

AOMH Community Outreach Services

AOMH Community Diaper Bank: Many parents have to choose between buying food or diapers. Alpha-Omega's Community Diaper Bank offers free diapers, formula and baby food for residents in our transitional housing program as well as families in St. Johns County experiencing serious economic distress.

Shoes of Hope: Each year, Alpha-Omega Miracle Home partners with Samaritan's Feet for Shoes of Hope, a back-to-school shoe giveaway for underprivileged children in St. Johns County. In 2014, AOMH recruited 80 volunteers and raised the money to purchase and give away 800+ pairs of new athletic shoes at THE PLAYER Championship Boys & Girls Club to children in need in our community.

Alpha-Omega Thrift Store: Alpha-Omega Miracle Home offers free vouchers to our Alpha-Omega Thrift Store to homeless persons and low-income families in need.


Emergency Assistance

Population(s) Served


Children and Youth (infants - 19 years.)

Poor/Economically Disadvantaged, Indigent, General



Charting Impact

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  1. What is the organization aiming to accomplish?
    84% of all homeless families are headed by a single mother. The overarching goal of Alpha-Omega Miracle Home is to reduce homelessness in St. Johns County among single-parent mothers and their children, as well as senior women. Furthermore, we seek to help homeless single-parent families transition out of poverty by providing transitional housing, material resources, access to continuing education, gainful employment opportunities, free counseling services, and a connection with the faith-based community for continued support.
  2. What are the organization's key strategies for making this happen?
    The strategies for accomplishing our goals for:
    1. Housing - AOMH currently houses up to 30 women and children at a time in our transitional housing apartments. The housing program is a 24-month phased program, overseen by a social worker and case managers, that tracks the goals and achievements of residents transitioning out of poverty. The cost of housing is covered by individual donations, as well as grants. We recently received a grant from the Florida Housing Finance Corporation to purchase and renovate 4 additional apartment units to offer permanent supportive housing. The board of directors is currently overseeing a capital campaign with plans to build a larger transitional housing facility in to expand our housing capacity to 60 women and children in order to better meet the need and serve the various needs of our residents.
    2. Material Needs - The material needs of AOMH residents are met through donations to the Alpha-Omega Thrift Store, the Alpha-Omega Community Diaper Bank, and an on-site food pantry that is stocked through partnerships with Feed Northeast Florida and Publix Supermarkets.
    3. Education - All residents are required to enroll in continuing education classes, either working to obtain their GED, certification, or Associates Degree. AOMH case managers help assess the educational needs of clients. Partnerships between local community colleges and AOMH assist single mothers in accessing financial aid and tutoring assistance in order to further their education.
    4. Employment - All residents are required to find part-time employment. AOMH has formed partnerships with area businesses who are willing to support homeless women transitioning out of poverty through employment.
    5. AOMH has a licensed mental health counselor on staff. We offer free individual and group counseling to residents and children.
    6. Faith - AOMH encourages residents to attend a church of their choice and also provides transportation to church services on Wednesdays and Sundays. We connect church groups who want to give back in a meaningful way with families in need of a support system by maintaining open communication with area churches and keeping them informed about the needs of the clients we serve.
  3. What are the organization's capabilities for doing this?
    Alpha-Omega Miracle Home has been a provider of transitional housing since 1999. We have grown from one home housing up to 7 young mothers to a multi-unit transitional housing facility that houses up to 30 women and children at a time. We house approximately 87 women and children annually. And we are continuing to grow. In January 2015, the board of directors of AOMH is overseeing a capital campaign to build a larger campus that will double our housing capacity. In addition to being a provider of transitional housing, AOMH received a $447,000 grant from the Florida Housing Finance Corporation to be a provider of permanent supportive low-income housing for senior women.

    The residential program is overseen by a residential director, Crystal Wilder, who has her Masters Degree in social work. The staff also includes a licensed mental health counselor, Emili-Erin Alexander. All single-mother resident in 2014 enrolled in continuing education, found employment, received counseling services, and those who transitioned out of the program moved to stable housing.
  4. How will they know if they are making progress?
    AOMH participates in the HMIS Reporting System, which tracks homeless individuals and the services they receive from the agency. AOMH also tracks data internally for services rendered, material donations given, and the progress of our residents in education, employment, and their transition to stable housing. We continue to track a client's housing and success for 1 year after the client has transitioned out of our housing program.

    In 2013-14, AOMH provided 10,585 safe bed nights, 7,280 diapers & wipes from the AOMH community diaper bank, 360 Counseling sessions with a licensed mental health counselor, 6,000 case management hours, 5,223 lbs of groceries from our on-site food pantry, 2,727 articles of clothing from the Alpha-Omega thrift store, 1,253 pairs of shoes, 4,728 daycare drop offs/pick ups, 199 life skills classes, 554 free vouchers to the Alpha-Omega Thrift Store for low-income and homeless families.
  5. What have and haven't they accomplished so far?
    In 1999, Alpha-Omega Miracle Home opened its doors with 1 home that could house up to 7 young mothers. Over the past 15 years, we have grown dramatically.

    In 2013-14, Alpha-Omega Miracle Home Provided:
    1. 16 transitional housing units and 8 permanent supportive housing units
    2. Housed approximately 87 homeless women & children
    3. 10,585 safe bed nights
    4. 7,280 diapers and wipes from the AOMH Community Diaper Bank
    5. 360 free counseling sessions with a licensed Mental Health Counselor
    6. 5,223 lbs of Groceries from the AOMH food pantry
    7. 6,000 case management hours
    8. 925 household good and furniture donated from the Alpha-Omega Thrift Store
    9. 2,727 articles of clothing
    10. 1,253 pairs of shoes
    11. 4,728 daycare drop offs and pick ups
    12. 199 life skills classes
    13. 554 free vouchers to the Alpha-Omega Thrift Store

    Recently, AOMH hired Fisher Koppenhafer Architecture to design the future Alpha-Omega transitional housing facility, which will house up to 60 homeless women and children. The new campus will include a family counseling center that is open to the community on a sliding-fee scale, based on income. It will also include an on-site daycare so that single mothers transitioning out of poverty can attend school and work and know that their children are safe and cared for. The new campus should be opened in 2017.

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Alpha Omega Miracle Home Inc



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President & Founder

Mrs. Lisa Franklin


Lisa Carol Franklin


Lisa is the founder and president of Alpha-Omega Miracle Home, which opened its doors in 1997 to unwed mothers. Lisa was a teenage mother herself, and after raising her own three children, chose to reach out and help young mothers and children in crisis. Since opening its doors in 1997, Alpha-Omega Miracle Home has grown from one home housing up to seven young mothers and their babies, to a multi-unit transitional supportive housing program that houses up to 34 young mothers, children, and senior women facing homelessness. Under her guidance, AOMH also offers community outreach services to local families experiencing serious economic crisis, an Extended Families program, and the organization opened the Alpha-Omega Thrift Store in 2010. In addition to her work with AOMH, Lisa Franklin has served as a member of the steering committee for First Coast Technical College's Adult Education program, as a board member for the St. Johns Regional Juvenile Detention Center, and as a board member and former president of FACCA (Florida Association of Christian Child Care Agencies).

STATEMENT FROM THE President & Founder

"Thank you for your interest in Alpha-Omega Miracle Home. We hope that you will find useful information here about the services and programs we provide , as well as review financial and statistical data about our organization. Our mission is to demonstrate God’s love through transitional housing, education, job assistance, and counseling to those who are most vulnerable- single and expectant mothers, children, and the elderly."



Mrs. Lisa Franklin

Alpha-Omega Miracle Home

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