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New! Updated Foundation Membership Program

Our revamped program features new benefits and a new dues structure. Learn more about the updated GuideStar Foundation Membership Program.

GuideStar Membership Programs

All Americans—and millions of people around the world—are touched by a nonprofit. Our children attend nonprofit schools. Our loved ones receive care in nonprofit hospitals. Our air, water, and lands are protected by nonprofits. Millions of people support charities with gifts of time, energy, and money. This is why, as part of our public service, GuideStar gives nonprofits a platform to reach out to millions of new donors and funders, and offers donors a breadth of information from which to make responsible giving decisions. And 98 percent of our visitors use our site for free.

People Depend on GuideStar. And We Depend on Them.

A subset of those visitors—comprising foundation and corporate grantmakers, individual philanthropists, professionals working in the nonprofit sector, and others—support this free service through their participation in our Membership Programs.

Members become part of a powerful community involved in an ongoing reciprocal relationship with GuideStar, working together to:

  • Make it possible for nonprofits to reach new funders
  • Provide free nonprofit information to millions of potential donors
  • Help drive support for higher-performing nonprofits
  • Collaborate with key influencers in the nonprofit sector

To show our appreciation, we offer our members elite privileges, such as access to thousands of experts who can guide donation decisions, the ability to sponsor a favorite charity's nonprofit report page, and insider information on GuideStar's services and strategy. Working together, we can truly make a difference.

Learn more about the program that fits your needs and giving capacity:


Contact us at membership@guidestar.org or (202) 637-7608.