New Rules for Grantmakers and Donors

Do you know ...

  • how inclusion on the Automatic Revocation Exemptions List affects a nonprofit's eligibility to receive a grant or charitable contribution?
  • which sources IRS Revenue Procedure 2011-33 directs grantors and contributors to use to research a nonprofit's charitable and supporting organization status?
  • what circumstances can require a grantmaker to exercise expenditure responsibility?
  • where to find information on nonprofits the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has named as engaging in or supporting terrorism?
  • what can happen if you make a grant or contribution to an ineligible nonprofit?

"New Rules for Grantmakers and Donors: An Overview for Private Foundations, Organizations Sponsoring Donor-Advised Funds, and Donors," answers these questions, and more. Prepared by GuideStar staff, the report:

  • reviews the steps grantors and contributors must take to comply with revised requirements published in IRS Revenue Procedure 2011-33;
  • outlines the importance of documenting this research;
  • discusses the consequences of failing to follow the new IRS rules;
  • provides a convenient checklist to help grantmakers and donors keep their charitable contributions 100 percent IRS compliant.

Publication date: August 2011

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Who Should Be Concerned?

  • 501(c)(3) private foundations
  • Organizations sponsoring donor-advised funds, including community foundations
  • Corporate giving programs
  • Federated giving programs
  • Major donors
  • Donor advisors