How Automatic Revocations Could Affect You

As the IRS prepares to publish the first list of nonprofits whose tax-exempt status has been revoked for failure to file an annual return, many nonprofits, funders, and donors are probably wondering: "How will the revocations affect me?" GuideStar gives you the answer in a new report available for free download.

Written by GuideStar staff, "What Automatic Revocation of Nonprofit Tax Exemptions Means for You: A Review for Nonprofits, Grantmakers, and Donors," concisely but thoroughly:

  • outlines the forces driving the revocations;
  • analyzes by organization type the nonprofits the IRS has identified as being at risk;
  • defines the impact the revocations will have on different audiences; and
  • lists resources where readers can get more information.

Publication of the first Nonfiler Revocation List is a historic event for the U.S. nonprofit sector. Learn more about how it could affect you by downloading "What Automatic Revocation of Nonprofit Tax Exemptions Means for You" today.

Publication date: April 2011