Are You with a Nonprofit? Here's What You Can Do on GuideStar

As a nonprofit manager, here are a few of the things you can do on GuideStar:

  1. Read below to learn about the GuideStar Exchange.
  2. Claim and update your nonprofit's report.
  3. See what materials you might want to have handy when you update your GuideStar Exchange report. (You can also review the complete list of data fields collected through the GuideStar Exchange.)
  4. Earn a GuideStar Exchange logo to show your level of participation.
  5. Take advantage of additional opportunities and initiatives to benefit your organization, including Charting Impact and reviews.
  6. Read the GuideStar Exchange FAQs.
  7. Review the GuideStar Exchange terms of use.

The GuideStar Exchange

Each nonprofit in GuideStar's database has a report—a Web page on our site devoted entirely to your organization so people can learn more about your great work. Most of these pages present data your organization submitted to the IRS. IRS information, however, doesn't always give GuideStar's 22,000 daily visitors a complete or timely picture of your nonprofit.

The GuideStar Exchange is an opportunity for you to show your organization's commitment to transparency and communicate directly with your stakeholders through GuideStar—for FREE. By "claiming" your organization's report, you can make sure institutional funders, donors, professionals, and the general public have up-to-date, reliable data about your nonprofit. Recent research shows that transparency is important for supporters.

By keeping your GuideStar report up to date, you're not only reaching GuideStar's 7 million annual visitors but also millions of visitors to such partner sites as Facebook Causes, Network for Good,, various donor-advised funds, and more.

GuideStar Exchange Videos

Opening shot from video on the GuideStar Exchange Opening shot from video on GuideStar Exchange participation level requirements and benefits

"Fundraising is built upon GuideStar. AmazonSmile, Network for Good, and JustGive (just to name a few) are pulling your organization's information from GuideStar ... donations are mailed to the address listed in GuideStar! Nonprofits need to understand the importance of keeping their GuideStar entry current."

—Heather Mansfield, best-selling author and principal blogger at Nonprofit Tech for Good

Jane Fraser, president of The Stuttering Foundation of America, believes that participating in the GuideStar Exchange has helped her organization in several ways, including some large gifts.

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"I am constantly checking to be sure the nonprofits for which I work or volunteer for are present on GuideStar, and if they have completed their respective profiles. Better yet, I urge them to participate in the GuideStar Exchange—thereby being as transparent to the public as possible."

—Carolyn Appleton, CFRE

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