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To foster the career advancement and increased leadership of underrepresented talent in Finance and allied industries and to create mechanisms for greater diversity and inclusion from the classroom to the boardroom.

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The Foundation serves students and alumni representing the nation's top academic institutions across the country to become future finance leaders.

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President & CEO since 1998


Nancy Sims



Diversity, Leadership, Minority, Education, Financial Services

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Also Known As

The Toigo Foundation






Cause Area (NTEE Code)

Graduate, Professional(Separate Entities) (B50)

Scholarships, Student Financial Aid, Awards (B82)

Leadership Development (W70)

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96% of Toigo Fellows remain in finance since our first graduating class in 1992. Many are in leadership roles.

100 Toigo Alumni entrepreneurs founding and leading businesses across finance, venture, tech, and educational platforms.

200+ global finance firms engage in the Foundation's work through underwriting, event and program participation

15+ Toigo Alumni are in investment roles or serve as board members with top public pension funds

10 Toigo Alumni have served as investment consultants to public funds, along with endowments and foundations.

The brand of Toigo driven by the caliber of talent selected for the fellowship is unmatched demonstrating quality over quantity.

The popularity of the fellowship program yields more than 350 applications annually for the distinction of "Toigo Fellow"


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What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

Program 1

Leadership Program

The Toigo Foundation offers the only MBA* graduate-level fellowship for individuals committed to a career in finance. Our commitment is to help each student excel as a finance industry leader. We provide students and alumni with access to Career Management and Professional Development services, including mentoring, leadership training, career management services and job placement assistance, along with a host of industry exchanges and networking opportunities. Toigo Fellows (MBA students) also receive a merit awards to be applied to business school tuition/costs.



Population(s) Served

Ethnic/Racial Minorities -- General

Young Adults (20-25 years) -- currently not in use




Charting Impact

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  1. What is the organization aiming to accomplish?
    To foster the career advancement and increased leadership of underrepresented talent in finance and allied industries and to create mechanisms for greater inclusion from the classroom to the boardroom. We are aiming to provide education and the introduction of diverse talent to industries which have historically had difficulty accessing this highly sought-after talent population at the entry and mid-career level. We further seek to provide insights and perspectives to industries where the notion of inclusion may be more illusive in an effort to drive thoughtful social change and a spirit of inclusion in business leadership.

    Our vision has been, since day one, to see the talented individuals Toigo has served seated at the boardroom table as significant financial decision makers, positively impacting communities through philanthropy and social investing, leading as CEOs of their own business enterprises and as leaders furthering the hiring and development of future generations.

  2. What are the organization's key strategies for making this happen?
    For 25+ years, Toigo's work has focused on both supply and demand—on identifying and nurturing diverse talent as well as helping to build an environment receptive to that talent and one that appreciates the merits and benefits of a more inclusive workforce. We host industry events and workshops to draw the attention to diversity through meaningful program content and professional attendance.

    Toigo creates a platform for awareness and promotion of careers in finance and the value that can be derived by diverse talent. In complement, we communicate to industry firms through thought leadership the business benefits that diverse teams, talent can deliver and how to access this talent.

    Toigo provides a platform for diverse talent to learn about employment opportunities in a service that connects targeted talent with firms that seek expanded applicant pools.

    Offering high touch mentoring and career management support offered to participants for the lifetime of their career.

  3. What are the organization's capabilities for doing this?
    The Toigo organization reflects a best in class model of governance, management and fiduciary responsibility among non-profits. With a broad range of industry experience and investment perspective, the highly capable Board directs the activities of the organization providing invaluable perspectives into stakeholders expectations. Further, the Board reflects the most desired form of governance-- one which presents the dynamic work that can be achieved by a well-informed and diverse group of senior professionals across all dimensions of difference.

    The leadership of the organization presents a broad range of management, administration, strategic planning and care for the non-profit coupled with 30+ years of industry experience; a unique blend of talents that enables the organization to build relationships which span a wide donor base and collaboration with other non-profits and business associations to extend the non-profits' reach. In support of leadership is a team with complementary background and institutional history with the organization enabling the team to leverage its knowledge and skill while operating a lean and non-excessive infrastructure.

    Leadership has established an effective network of academics, thought leaders and consultants who assist in key areas of program delivery and who bring complementary skills to the work of the core team. The combination of knowledge, and resources allow Toigo to execute its mission driven work toward its short term and strategic goals.
  4. How will they know if they are making progress?
    The organization tracks its progress actively; noting the ascent of the talent it serves into the roles articulated in our Vision statement. We further measure our success by the growth in corporate relationships served by the non-profit and the visible placement of diverse talent within their organizations which derive from Toigo affiliation.

    The success of our Alumni is a ultimate measure of our ongoing support and counsel seeing members at an increasing rate, recognized for many aspets of their professional and personal contributions.

    Equally important is the preservation of brand impact of the Toigo Fellowship and its continued appeal to students pursuing business school and their desire to become Toigo Fellows. That trend continues to increase every year.

  5. What have and haven't they accomplished so far?
    Toigo has taken the foundation through a strategic journey that has allowed us to innovate and impact the lives of more than 1,000 fellows, while also engaging professionals throughout the industry in participation and financial support of out mission. We have built programs and services to meet the demands of a fast-changing industry and the needs of our fellows. Among the new programs, we developed services to support and promote entrepreneurship among our alumni, and to address concerns around the disparity of women in finance. We also participated in the dialog about diversity issues on corporate boards, and featured talented diverse candidates poised for board positions in both non-profit and for-profit companies.

    Our work in progress is to establish the necessary level of measurable change we seek for industry groups, the presence of underrepresented talent in leadership roles and the prominence of that talent to guide future organizations. The work is being accomplished but not complete. The dynamic nature of student needs and changing corporate priorities requires Toigo to remain flexible, patient and resolute in our goals for change.
Service Areas



The Foundation serves students and alumni representing the nation's top academic institutions across the country to become future finance leaders.

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Robert A Toigo Foundation
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  • Forms 990 for 2015, 2014 and 2013
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President & CEO

Nancy Sims


Nancy Sims brings 25+ years of professional service to the financial services industry within both for-profit and non-profit organizations. She is recognized nationally as a passionate advocate of diversity, uncompromising integrity, transparency, collaboration and excellence in dealing across all sectors of finance, pension fund community, academic institutions and thousands of diverse professionals.

With her groundbreaking approach to program development and delivery, Toigo has directly supported the advancement of 1,000+ minority MBAs as finance professionals and has significantly increased the brand impact of the organization. Through the launch of the Toigo Institute for Leadership Excellence Advancement and Diversity (I-LEAD) in 2010 and other national programs, like Groundbreakers, our Women's Leadership Summit, Nancy has put forward initiatives that resonate across industries and are designed to cultivate broader networking, career opportunities, leadership development and knowledge sharing among tens of thousands of women and minorities and the industry overall.

During Nancy's tenure, Toigo has become a tireless advocate for multicultural diversity within all levels of leadership. In 2008, she was invited to testify before a U.S. House Financial Services Oversight Committee examining diversity practices in Wall Street. Simultaneously, Nancy's relationship-driven leadership style ensures that she remains close to Toigo talent—and the issues minority professionals face as they mature as leaders with finance and other allied industries.

Prior to joining Toigo, Nancy served as a member of the Board of Director for five years. She served as Senior Vice President and Director of Institutional Marketing for McNeil Capital and as Vice President, Client Relations for the RREEF Funds where she developed and launched a model program for implementing social responsibility across a range of widely-recognized initiatives.


"Often, the most powerful force fueling an idea is collective energy. While a single individual can spark change, it's the shared vision and collective force that drives meaningful, sustainable results. This has been true throughout history. The same has been true in Toigo's movement to bring greater diversity and inclusion to the leadership ranks of business.

Toigo has energized and mobilized thousands of young professionals and industry peers in its strategic mission to guide the Toigo Foundation beyond its original program focus to a more comprehensive platform that spans the arc of one's career within the industry. As well the organization has equally prioritize its work to stimulate new levels and forms of engagement by industry firms to undertake in support of the non-profit, on behalf of greater inclusion in their own organizations and to fuel the necessary diversity agenda. Toigo's work is carried out by selecting the best, working with the best and delivering the best it can in service and support to next generation leadership."



David Marchick

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