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TisBest's mission is to foster the growth of charitable gift-giving. Our desire is to replace gifts of “stuff" with gifts of “good" and to connect businesses and individuals to important philanthropic causes.

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Rick Morrow

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317 S. Bennett St Suite 201

Seattle, WA 98108 USA


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Philanthropy / Charity / Voluntarism Promotion (General) (T50)

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TisBest has both "hard" and "soft" goals. Soft goals are those that are difficult to measure, but rather are an indication of program success. For example, one of TisBest's most important goals is to so build the TisBest Charity Gift Card over he next 25 years such that it becomes a regular, normal, first-choice gift option for a significant portion of the population of the U.S.
"Hard" goals are very measurable, and the nature of the TisBest program enables us to precisely measure our ability to divert cash from gifts of "stuff" to gifts of "good" (in this case, donations to other charities). By 2020 our goal is to sell $25 million worth (per year) of TisBest Charity Gift Cards to businesses and individuals. That will convert to $22 million in donations to charities that would otherwise have purchased gifts destined for the landfill.
On the DiscoverGiving front, TisBest's classroom philanthropy program, our goal is to have the DiscoverGiving curriculum presented in 25,000 classrooms by 2023, 10 years following program launch, thereby introducing approximately 625,000 students to the joy of giving.

TisBest will continue to use multiple strategies as we pursue businesses and individuals. We will continue to communicate to businesses of all sizes that the charity gift card is a superior gift compared with any alternative. We will continue to implement public relations, direct marketing, online marketing, pay per click advertising and social media to inform businesses and individuals about charity gift cards as well as new products we develop.
Word of mouth plays an important role in the world of charity gift cards, and we anticipate the same will be true for DiscoverGiving, TisBest's classroom philanthropy offering. To that end a well organized, easy to browse and highly informative website is a must.

The creative minds at TisBest work diligently to develop the most customer-friendly website from which to purchase charity gift cards. We know our customers (both business and consumer) look for a meaningful alternative to gifts of "stuff," yet they also look for convenience and ease of use. TisBest has a highly capable in-house staff that includes a graphic designer, web developer and project manager, in addition to writers and content developers. The TisBest team has decades of experience in a variety of business and nonprofit settings. In addition, TisBest's founder remains and active volunteer and is fully engaged in TisBest's success. An active board drawn from the business community has proven to have valuable contacts and has introduced a number of customers to TisBest Charity Gift Cards.

Because TisBest sells a product -- a charity gift card -- it is relatively easy to identify indicators and assess progress. Our three most important indicators are the number of individual orders placed (that corresponds to the number of unique business and consumer customers we serve in a given fiscal year), the number of charity gift cards sold, and the dollar volume associated with that number of cards. Calendar year 2012 was the first calendar year in our 6-year history (TisBest was launched in November 2007) in which we exceeded $1 million in charity gift card sales. That proves that we have created considerable traction in the marketplace and proved the viability of the charity gift card concept. We believe that growth will accelerate in the coming years, culminating in $25 million in sales in 2020. We look for intermediate goals of $5 million by 2016.
Our intermediate goals for DiscoverGiving are equally ambitious. We plan to reach 1,000 classrooms in school year 2015-2016, and continue to grow toward our goal of 25,000 classrooms in 2020.

The business sector has provided a number of lessons as we continue to enhance our offerings. We have discovered that TisBest Charity Gift Cards make spectacular gifts of appreciation, year-end gifts, gifts for the holiday, etc. We have also found that they do not work well as incentives, especially if the recipient is not well known to the giver (as in the case of cold call marketing). As a result, TisBest is in a position to better advise companies how they can achieve some of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals using TisBest cards. We can also advise them how they should not attempt to use our cards, based on experience gained over the past several years.
We have seen our cards used in new and exciting ways in the last year. A number of clients have replaced trade show freebies with a charitable experience (we call this offering ExpoGiving) using TisBest codes. This diverts cash otherwise used for worthless give-aways to charitable donations for worthwhile causes.
Other business clients have used our cards as 'thank-you' devices to reward changes in behavior. For example, some banks and credit unions now reward their customers who switch from paper statements to online statements with a modest TisBest Charity Gift Card.
Each of these new uses for TisBest cards and codes indicated greater reception to a new idea and greater traction in the marketplace.

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