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Pressley Ridge

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Mission Statement

""Whatever it takes to create success for children and families""Our mission statement speaks to our complete and unequivocal commitment to do all in our power to improve the lives of children and families everywhere and especially those whose lives we touch. There is no challenge too big or barrier too strong to keep us from doing our utmost on their behalf. We succeed when they succeed, then and only then.

Main Programs

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Principal Officer since 2011


Mrs. Susanne L. Cole



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Children's and Youth Services (P30)

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Programs + Results

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""All Kids Thrive""All of us at Pressley Ridge share a dream that one day all kids may thrive. All of our efforts every day are directed at creating a world in which our vision can become a reality.


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Program 1

Pressley Ridge Program Service Lines

Pressley Ridge Continnum of Care Residential Treatment Services for children and youth who require out-of-home care and treatment. Community-based Services to strengthen, preserve and keep families together, so that seriously troubled children can remain at home and in their schools. Treatment Foster Care to create a sense of community and develop individualized treatment within the homes of professionally trained foster parents. Educational Services to help troubled children, emotionally disturbed deaf youth and children with autism establish relationships and learn key values through academic classes.


Population(s) Served


Charting Impact

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  1. What is the organization aiming to accomplish?
    Provide Services
    For almost two centuries Pressley Ridge has served society by caring for its most vulnerable members. Although our services have multiplied and diversified over the years, providing exceptional care to children in need and families in crisis remains central to our mission and at the heart of all we do. In keeping with our Re-Education philosophy, we aspire “to change the world one child at a time”.

    Create Partnerships
    Nothing of lasting value comes out of work in isolation. Each child and family we serve belongs to an eco-system of which we are but a part. Thus the work that we do in the community mobilizing resources on behalf of a child or family is as important to their long term success as the work that we do directly with them. What is true at the direct service level is equally true at other levels of the organization. The impact of our efforts is always greater when we join our efforts with those of others.

    Provide Training
    We believe the quality of the services we provide to children and families is directly related to the quantity and quality of the training we provide to those who lead our programs and who provide our services. Exceptional services do not occur by accident. They are the products of a staff committed to professional growth and excellence. Such is the staff at Pressley Ridge where we maintain that “we are all teachers and we are all learners.”

    Conduct Research
    We have long held the notion that anything we can do, we can do better. Thus we continuously evaluate our programs and assay the efficacy of our interventions. By repeatedly monitoring, measuring, and feeding back results, we are able to improve the quality of our activities and determine what works. This we share with the world. Our goal remains to lead the field in the development of innovative programming through research, evaluation, and outcomes measurement.

    Build Awareness
    If all kids are to thrive, we must touch lives well beyond the reach of present-day Pressley Ridge programs and services. To extend our influence, we focus our efforts both within and outside of the communities we currently serve. We seize opportunities to educate, advocate, and champion initiatives that improve the system of care so that all children and families may benefit.
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Service Areas



Funding Needs

Funding for the needs of our children that government contracts won't cover ie: clothing, transportation, sponsorship of classrooms and sensory needs for our chidlren with autism, etc, long-term partnership with companies to positively impact our kids and families in the communities



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Pressley Ridge



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Principal Officer

Mrs. Susanne L. Cole


Susanne Cole was appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in June of 2011. Susanne was Senior Vice President of Programs since May 2008 and was responsible for the overall leadership, direction and development of programs for Pressley Ridge. In addition, Susanne provided strategic direction for marketing and communications. Prior to 2008, Susanne was vice president of residential and educational services since 2005 and served as the Executive Director for West Virginia for five years. Susanne was responsible for the management and fiscal operations for West Virginia and oversaw the residential and educational service lines operated at Pressley Ridge sites located in eight states. Susanne joined Pressley Ridge in 1990 as a Teacher/Counselor at the Grant Gardens residential program in WV when it first opened its doors and began providing services to troubled children. She continued to advance at Pressley Ridge eventually becoming Deputy State Director in 2001 for southern WV, where she managed the residential, foster care, and community based programs. In August 2002, her responsibilities expanded to include northern WV and overseeing all of the residential programs. Susanne earned both her Masters degree in Special Education and Baccalaureate degree in Criminal Justice from Marshall University in Huntington, WV.

STATEMENT FROM THE Principal Officer

"At Pressley Ridge, we do whatever it takes to create success for children and families. Since 1832, Pressley Ridge has understood that all children can change and grow and that all family can use support. We help over 5,400 children and families annually through Educational Opportunities, Foster Care Connections, Residential Options, and Community-based Support with locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, as well as internationally in Portugal and Hungary. Our Foster Care Connections provide family havens for safety, renewal, and return, while our Residential Options create supportive places to practice new possibilities & life contributions. Our Educational Opportunities welcome kids into schools that start with their strengths - places of joy, belonging, confidence & generous contribution. And our Community-Based Support offers coaching & self-discovery - in the home, in the moment, and over time. All children deserve trusting relationships: Our first priority is building close connections with kids and their family networks. And they respond by beginning to trust themselves, each other, and new sources of support. All children are full of potential: We start with their strengths, listening for their unique gifts. And kids respond by contributing to their communities and creating productive lives. All families want to stay together: We stand with the whole family to help them find a way - without judgment, labeling or blame. And families respond by coming together again - with fresh understanding and new ways of communicating. All families can use a little help sometimes: Whether the situation looks hopeless or it's just a rough patch - we provide coaching and support, in the home, in the moment. And families respond by practicing new strategies and patterns of relationship that really last. And we never give up: All children. Always."



Ms. Jennifer T. Fox Rabold


Term: Sept 2011 - Sept 2013


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