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Apraxia Kids is the leading nonprofit that strengthens the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia of speech by educating professionals and families; facilitating community engagement and outreach; and investing in the future through advocacy and research.

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Angela Grimm

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1501 Reedsdale Street Ste. 202

Pittsburgh, PA 15233 USA

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The ability to communicate is perhaps the most human of all skills and helps form our identities. Speech allows us to take our unique place in the world. Childhood apraxia of speech, one of the most severe childhood speech disorders, makes it difficult or impossible for children to plan the movements of speech structures (i.e. lips, tongue, soft palate, jaw) that make intelligible speech possible. While there is still much to understand about the causes, children who receive appropriate, early, and intensive therapy are usually able to become effective verbal communicators. Children who do not receive proper therapy are at risk to never develop understandable speech which can have long term effects on other aspects of childhood development.

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- To provide high quality information on childhood apraxia of speech and spread awareness to families, speech and medical professionals, policy-makers, and other members of the public. - To provide practical support to families by providing up-to-date, evidence-based information on CAS and appropriate treatment options. - To facilitate better public policy and services for children affected by the disorder. - To provide training and educational opportunities for families and professionals. - To increase the level of expertise available throughout North America to diagnose and treat childhood apraxia of speech - To encourage/fund research in childhood apraxia of speech and sponsor scientific research meetings.

Apraxia Kids accomplishes its mission through eight programs: 1. National Conference - Each year, Apraxia Kids holds a unique educational and support-building experience for professionals and parents through its 3-day National Conference. What makes this conference stand out is the almost even mix of speech-language pathologists and parents/family members of children with apraxia who attend. As they sit side-by-side to attend the many diverse presentations that are offered, an appreciation of what each participant brings to the journey emerges. 2. Webinars - Our membership platform provides over 60 evidence-based webinars on childhood apraxia of speech and related issues for one year for a relatively low cost. We facilitate 8-10 new webinars a year for professionals and parents. The on-demand webinars provide parents and professionals with a variety of options that range from childhood apraxia of speech-specific topics to related critical issues such as bullying and academic challenges. 3. Advanced Trainings - Apraxia Kids offers a 4-day Intensive Training Institute for speech-language pathologists, known to most as “Apraxia Boot Camp." Speech therapists with a high-level of apraxia knowledge and deep commitment to improving their treatment approaches come from across the country and into Canada for this experience of a lifetime to absorb as much as they can about evaluating and treating this complex motor speech disorder. 4. Speech-Language Pathologist Online Directory - Parents can find a speech pathologist with at least foundational knowledge and experience in evaluating and treating childhood apraxia of speech as close to home as possible through our SLP Directory. 5. Speech Tablet Program - Each year, Apraxia Kids provides free speech tablets to children and families in need throughout the USA and Canada. 6. Research Grants - Each year, Apraxia Kids awards grant money to researchers who submit proposals for treatment research pilot studies. These studies over the years have proven to be invaluable to the apraxia community in driving therapy decision-making. They also provide a foundation for further critical research that is desperately needed. 7. Professional Advisory Council - Apraxia Kids is fortunate to have the expertise and support of a 24 member Professional Advisory Council. The esteemed members of the council advise on such matters as program development, research grant awards, conference speakers, and advanced training participant selection. 8. Presentations - Apraxia Kids supports half and full-day presentations on various topics related to childhood apraxia of speech. Talks are provided to private agencies, school districts, and universities to spread the word about current ideas in diagnosing and treating childhood apraxia of speech.

We have been able to achieve a great deal over the years due to the increasing commitment of parents, families, professionals and researchers. Our organization has planned well for long-term sustainability through close guidance of a committed board of directors and advisors.

Apraxia Kids actively tracks participation in webinars, workshops, and conferences. We seek out feedback during and after events to identify areas for improvement. We also track participation and financial giving from events such as our regional walks, Apraxia Awareness Month, and other campaigns.

-Apraxia Kids has hosted two Childhood Apraxia of Speech Research Symposiums, bringing together the world's most dedicated speech-language practitioners with knowledge on CAS. - Apraxia Kids began an annual Apraxia Awareness Day (May 14) which grew into Apraxia Awareness Month in 2018. We help supporters from across the world to educate their schools and communities about CAS. - Our Walk for Apraxia program has grown consistently since it began in 2007. In 2018, 70 communities participated in the Walk for Apraxia raising significant funding and awareness for the apraxia cause. - Each year we educate over 2,000 people through our one-day workshops, online and on-demand webinars, and our annual National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech. - We provide direct support to children through the Speech Tablets for Apraxia program which has provided speech tablets and protective cases to children and through our small speech therapy grants program (administered by a partner) which has helped decrease the financial burden for families of low to moderate income. - Apraxia Kids has been funding research grants to advance the science of childhood apraxia of speech. The program's success can be seen by a dozen new research journal articles published in the last several years from our grantees. - Apraxia Kids serves as a trusted information clearinghouse for over 2 million worldwide visitors annually to our acclaimed Apraxia-KIDS.org website.

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Apraxia Kids

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