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PRG combines community-based affordable housing development with education and counseling to help all people and neighborhoods thrive.

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Ms. Kathy Wetzel-Mastel

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2017 E 38th St

Minneapolis, MN 55407 USA


housing, homebuyer education, home ownership, CDC, foreclosure counseling





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Housing Development, Construction, Management (L20)

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In order to address Minnesota's homeownership and wealth disparities, particularly the racial gap (current racial homeownership gap is 37% in the state), PRG combines affordable housing development with education and counseling to support underserved communities that have traditionally low rates of homeownership.

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Homebuyer & Foreclosure Education & Counseling

Affordable Housing Development

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Organizational Goals:

Continue to expand our services in communities of color
Minnesota's racial homeownership gap is 37 percent, the worst in the nation. While 76 percent of white households own their homes, just 22 percent of black households do. PRG is committed to addressing this gap by being thoughtful and purposeful about our services and outreach.

Meet demand for homebuyer education/counseling
Homebuyer education and counseling services play an important role in addressing the homeownership gap and helping households sustain ownership especially for first-time buyers. Recent data shows that, in 2016, 76 percent of first-time home buyers nationwide were white while only 7 percent of first-time buyers were black. Housing counseling is a proven tool to help families become financially stable, and a study from Fannie Mae has shown that the odds of foreclosure were 42 percent lower for those who completed housing education. PRG aims to increase our capacity, educate more homebuyers, and evolve our programs to move our clients toward long-term financial self-sufficiency.

Rehabilitation and rebuilding housing in the hardest-hit communities
PRG is committed to rehabilitating existing housing and building on vacant lots to ensure that high-quality, green, affordable housing is available to first-time buyers, particularly households of color. We focus our development in underserved areas such as in Minneapolis' north side where 87 percent of city-owned vacant lots are located. PRG's rehabilitation and building of new houses in the hardest-hit areas contribute to the recovery of these neighborhoods by helping to stabilize home values and build stronger communities.

PRG combines affordable housing development and housing-related counseling and education to help achieve our goals.

Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Workshops:
Workshops (Home Stretch curriculum) help households—particularly first-time and first-generation buyers—gain a big picture overview of the homebuying process.

Pre-Purchase Counseling:
Free, individual counseling with a homeownership advisor provides potential buyers with a personalized plan.

Financial Coaching
Free, ongoing coaching was introduced in response to a need and is designed to change behaviors and attitudes related to money management.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling:
Free foreclosure prevention counseling helps current homeowners understand and access options to keep their homes or transition to other housing.

Single-Family Housing:
PRG builds or renovates single-family homes for low- and moderate-income owner occupants, stabilizing neighborhoods and creating high-quality, affordable homeownership opportunities.

Multi-Family Housing:
PRG's development capacity includes providing housing expertise to those seeking multi-family affordable housing to meet the needs of special populations.

Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Workshops:
Our homeownership advisors, alongside volunteers of industry professionals, offer approximately 16 workshops per year serving over 400 households. In 2016, 61 percent of workshop attendees were households of color and 69 percent had incomes under 80% AMI.

Pre-Purchase Counseling:
Our homeownership advisors serve over 200 households annually. In 2016, 64 percent of these were households of color and 76 percent had incomes under 80% AMI.

Financial Coaching:
We work with over 30 low-income households providing personalized plans and access to credit builder loans and individual development accounts.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling:
In 2016, our foreclosure prevention cousnelors helped 73 percent of clients with resolved cases avoid foreclosure. Forty-two percent of foreclosure counseling clients were households of color.

Single-Family Housing:
Ninety percent of our homes were sold to households of color in 2016 and all were either built or rehabbed by contractors of color or women-owned and operated businesses. These actions help to address racial economic gaps.

Multi-Family Housing:
We currently own 88 units of affordable rental housing at Greenway Heights, our apartment building in the Phillips neighborhood which is fully leased up to large families earning less than 50% AMI.

PRG defines success as moving more households of color into successful homeownership whether that means helping them navigate the homebuying process, developing affordable, desirable homes, or helping families keep the homes they already have. We track our outreach and client demographics for all our services including education, counseling, financial coaching, and development.

PRG is focused on issues of equity and the troubling racial homeownership gap in Minnesota (currently 37%). With increased outreach to communities of color and purposeful management of our resources, PRG has seen a 40% increase in the number of households of color purchasing our homes and a 22% increase in households of color accessing our homeownership services. Eighty percent of the homes we developed and sold in the past two years were purchased by households of color. Over the past seven years, PRG has awarded $8.3 million in construction contracts to small, minority- and women-owned businesses.
As a small and nimble organization, PRG is currently partnering with Minneapolis Public Housing Authority to reach renters (89% households of color) who may benefit from homeownership. To date, four households have moved from public housing to homeownership, saving these families an average of $119 per month over renting. This effort has ripple effects across the housing ecosystem as these households vacate public housing units, making room for low-income households on the waiting list (almost 13,000). In addition, first-time and first-generation homebuyers show their children and grandchildren that homeownership is a viable option for low- and moderate-income families.
As we look ahead, access to affordable housing will play a key role in the region's wellbeing both for individual families and the broader community. PRG's role has been and will continue to be to address the availability and affordability of housing.

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PRG, Inc

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