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Senior Charity Care Foundation

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Kaysville, UT


The mission of the Senior Charity Care Foundation is to improve the quality of life for elders in need.

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Our name has been changed through the state of Utah and the IRS to better match the work we do - Senior Charity Care Foundation.

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Mrs. Beth Ehrhardt

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PO Box 744

Kaysville, UT 84037 USA


Salt Lake County, Davis County, Utah County, Weber County, dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aids and dental care, mobile dental clinic





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Senior Centers/Services (P81)

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Human Service Organizations (P20)

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Senior Charity Care Foundation

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Aging, elderly, senior citizens,

Economically disadvantaged, low-income, and poor people

Related program

Senior Charity Care Foundation

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Population(s) served

Aging, elderly, senior citizens,

Economically disadvantaged, low-income, and poor people

Related program

Senior Charity Care Foundation

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Number of clients served

Population(s) served

Aging, elderly, senior citizens,

Economically disadvantaged, low-income, and poor people

Related program

Senior Charity Care Foundation

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Unduplicated seniors 55+ who received services in each year.

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1.1 Increase the number of participating service providers i.e. dentists, optometrists, etc. who agree to take seniors at a reduced rate. 1.2 Secure discounts in each vendor category
2.1 Expand Service Area from Salt Lake and Davis Counties to include Utah and Weber Counties as funding permits
2.2 Expand awareness and # of inquiries among potential recipients
2.3 Expand awareness and # of inquiries among facilities who house potential recipients
2.4 Increase the number of seniors served from 24 to 100 in 2013, to 150 in 2014, and 200 in 2015, and 250 in 2016
2.5 Explore and, if feasible, develop a mobile dental and vision clinic for seniors which will go to where they live - senior apartments and care facilities.
3.1 Increase grant revenue annually for three years from $11,000 in 2012 to $65,000 in 2013, $85,000 in 2014, $93,600 in 2015, and $110,000 in 2016.
3.2 Increase non-grant and non-Benefit revenue (individuals, foundations and corporations) by 10% per year for three years from $24,868 in 2012 to $27,500 in 2013, $30,250 in 2014, $33,275 in 2015, and $36,602 in 2016.
3.3 Maintain repeat revenues from key donors at a level of 90% year over year. There were 61 repeat donors providing $90,000 in annual revenues in 2012. In 2013 there were 82 repeat donors who gave $76,488.81 in annual revenues.
3.4 Increase Expenditures for Charity Care Ratio from 40% to 75% of expenses.(The end of 2013 will determine the deadline to reach the 75% goal.)
3.5 Increase Benefit revenue from $61,000 in 2012 to $75,500 in 2013, $85,000 in 2014, $100,000 in 2015, $125,000 in 2016
4.1 Recruit, motivate, and retain volunteers on Friends committee. Increase volunteers from 7 to 14.
4.2 Identify and recruit diverse and influential board members
4.3 Develop a budget annually based on previous year.
4.4 Develop a marketing plan annually based on previous year.
4.5 Assess need and feasibility for additional staff: paid, interns or contract
5. Heighten visibility within the community

1.1.1 Identify new vendors in targeted service areas (i.e. Davis) dental care, glasses, etc.
1.2.1 Meet with individual providers interested in working with the foundation to negotiate discounted rates
2.1.1 Increase donations to the point where we can expand: increased income by 10% before expansion into each county which would provide nearly $20,000 to provide charitable care in each additional county.
2.1.2 Expand provider network for each county
2.2.1 Ensure ongoing listings and updates in Resource Directories
2.2.2 Meet with service coordinators or property managers of low income senior apartments and marketers, social workers at care facilities to secure opportunities to meet with seniors and family members and other service providers
2.2.3 Provide 12-24 point of entry presentations to care facility administrators, social workers, marketers
2.3.1 Have a booth at the Utah Health Care Assn. meetings
2.3.2 Meet with Corporate offices of Avalon and Ensign, Traditions, and all multi providers
2.5.1 Submit grants to explore the feasibility for a mobile dental clinic for seniors/meet with potential funders
2.5.2 Meet with housing agencies and care facilities to discuss opportunity for providing mobile dentistry service
2.5.3 Establish a budget and seek financial support for the mobile clinics
3.1.1 Research new funders . . . foundations or corporations . . target those who fit our profile . . . increase amount of funding from current contributors
3.1.2 Contact grant funders whenever possible to develop a relationship with them, hopefully increasing funding potential
3.2.1 Mail a bi-annual appeal to prospects and donors
3.2.2 Participate fully with the Community Foundation of UTs Love Utah Give Utah one day fundraising event
3.4.1 Record time spent between General and Admin; Fundraising and Program on Payroll sheet.
3.4.2 Record expenditures appropriately for either General and Administrative (G&A), Program or Fundraising
3.5.1 Strategically select Continuum of Caring Award recipient to include ability to assist in bringing in revenues by name, prominence, etc.
3.5.2 Increase attendance annually from 170 in 2012 decreased to 110 in 2013; 175 in 2014; 200 in 2015; and 250 in 2016
4.1.1 Develop a budget for volunteer recruitment and retention
4.1.2 Develop a program to recognize volunteers
4.2.1 Consider skill sets of current board members
4.3.1 Tie funding to milestones
4.3.2 Include funds for marketing including social media
4.4.1 Add one page info sheet . .printed uniquely to make it appropriate for various situations
4.4.2 Present Point of Entry presentations to Civic Organizations
4.4.3 Participate in all media opportunities to market the Foundation
4.5.1 Increase in staff tied to budget and fundraising
5.1.1 Establish and maintain a social media presence
5.1.2 Create elevator speech

This organization currently employees one full-time person - the President plus one part-time admin assistant and utilizes accounting and grant writing services on a contract basis. The president is responsible for the day-to-day activities. These functions include: managing a comprehensive fund-raising program; marketing and communications; processing and approval of applications for assistance from eligible applicants; coordinating Board meetings and the meetings of the Friends of the Foundation who help with the Hope Benefit, an annual fundraising event. As we expand to include a contracted mobile dental clinic on a full-time basis an additional staff person will be hired to assist with the clinic scheduling and approval and scheduling of seniors. Until that time, the President will also add these responsibilities. Volunteers are sought to assist. Currently we have one volunteer who assists with the social media and volunteers who assist with the Hope Benefit fundraiser.

1. X number of vendors added in targeted service areas who agree to provide discounts for senior services
2.1. Donations raised by county
2.1.2. Providers secured by county
2.2 Number of meetings and presentations to referral sources
2.3 Numbers of Meetings with corporate facility management
2.5 Grants raised for mobile dentistry
2.5.2 Number of facilities and senior apartments willing to allow a mobile dental clinic at their site
3.1 Number of grants submitted (and amount requested) /number of grants received (and amount received)
3.2 Participation and activities
3.4 Percentage of time and expenses in administration, fundraising and program
3.5 Revenue generated and number of guests
4.1 number and type of volunteers recruited - Friends, Board and Operations
4.4 # of presentations and media contacts
5 Continued social media presences, increase in "likes"

We have established relationships with nearly 100 various providers - dental, facilities, senior apartments, pharmacies, acupuncturists, vision and hearing specialists in Salt Lake, Weber, Utah and Davis Counties - our current service areas. We have increased our presence awareness in the communities we have served as evidences by an increasing number of referrals from new facilities and senior apartments. We have received a grant to provide mobile dental clinics in conjunction with Utah's Family Dental Plan mobile unit. We increased our grant revenues and Hope Benefit revenues in 2014. We have begun to recruit new volunteers and have registered for additional volunteers through local organizations such as 211. We have been approved to receive a planning grant from AmeriCorps to help us strategize to cover the entire state of Utah.

We are seeking funding for Project Thrive, our next opportunity to assist more seniors through controlling the costs of dental care. Our plan through Project Thrive will allow us to provide our own mobile dental clinic to senior apartments and care facilities 20 days per month. We need to raise a total of $418,000.

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Senior Charity Care Foundation

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