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CitiWide Computer Training Center

  • Washington, DC

Mission Statement

CitiWide seeks to deliver the highest quality computer technology, education and workforce training to District of Columbia residents leading to industry recognized certification. CitiWide provides its students with effective and affordable training in a friendly state-of-the-art training facility with a dedicated and professional staff and faculty committed to providing a learning environment conducive to productivity.

Main Programs

  4. Summer Youth Program
Service Areas


District of Columbia

Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area, DC, MD, VA

ruling year


President and CEO since 1993


Mr. Anthony Chuukwu

IT/Education Associate


Mr. Rahnaun Simms



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1818 New York Avenue, NE, Suite 116
Washington, DC 20002

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Also Known As

CitiWide Computer and Nursing Assistant Center






Cause Area (NTEE Code)

Adult, Continuing Education (B60)

Employment Training (J22)

Citizenship Programs, Youth Development (O54)

IRS Filing Requirement

This organization is required to file an IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ.

Programs + Results

How does this organization make a difference?


Self-reported by organization

Graduated 250 youth during summer youth employment program
Assisted 29 middle schools with homework assistance, computer technology training, reading and writing, social studies and sciences;
Assisted adult learners obtain GED, computer software training and job skills.

Impact Statement for this year:

Obtain an annual graduation rate of at least 75% in nursing assistant, home health aide and computer technology;
Receive grant funding that will enable us provide scholarships to low-income individuals;
Establish partnerships in the community through collaborations and outreach;
Provide effective job placement services to our graduates.


Self-reported by organization

What are the organization's current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

Program 1


Purpose: CitiWide is a nonprofit technology organization. We use computer technology to bridge the digital divide and to train underserved communities in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We provide services in these areas: GED test preparation: (Reading, Writing, Social Sciences, Sciences, Mathematics, etc.) MS Office2000 and MS Office97 Products:(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Internet, FrontPage2000, Lotus, Quicken, QuickBook, Palm Pilot, and MS Works, Presentation Skills, Project2000, Windows98, ME, 2000 and XP, Soft Skills, and Effective Business Writing). A+ Certification Course Description: Whether the goal is to support a PC, obtain A+ certification, or train others to become PC repair technicians, A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC gets you there. This course contains coverage on NT 4, Windows 98, and is current for today's technology. This course is designed for a second course in a help desk curriculum or for help desk professionals familiar with basic customer service concepts. It focuses on the technology, tools and techniques involved in how to run an effective help desk. The course takes a look at the many software options available for tracking and managing the massive influx of data that come into a help desk daily. A Guide to Help Desk Technology, Tools and Techniques also details the types of tools specific to staff, management and customers alike. NetWork+, Course Description This course prepares you for CompTIA's Network+ Certification Exam. The primary focus of this course is on the knowledge of networking technology and practices including basic structure, operating systems, media and connectors, and data link, routing and network layers. The course covers IP/IPX addresses, TCP/IP Fundamentals, and remote connectivity and security issues including security model selection and firewall usage. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) As an MCP, you'll have the ability to effectively use and support specific Microsoft products. Along with these skills come increased job opportunities and financial rewards. According to Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine, MCPs earn an average of $5,000 more per year than uncertified professionals who do the same work. MCP certification also provides a stepping-stone towards further Microsoft certifications including MCSE and MCSD Web Design and Web Authoring Course Description This course helps you plan and develop well-designed Web sites that combine effective navigation with the judicious use of graphics, text, and color. Building on the user's HTML skills, you enhance Web pages and gain a critical eye for evaluating Web site design. For planning and developing Web sites that combine effective navigation with balanced use of graphics, text, and color. Allows you to create Web sites.


In 2007 CitiWide’s total client participation was 173. Projects were funded by Department of Human Services, United Planning Organization, Freddie Mac Foundation, and Inter-American Development Bank. 70 youth ages 14-21 participated in technology and job skills drive during that year and 60 received certificates of completion. Students were referred to CitiWide by DOES Summer Youth to Work Program. That same year and for the After-school program, 30 students ages 10-12 from Elsie Whitlow Stokes Public Charter School received after-school academic enrichment skills and were reading at grade level or one grade above their levels prior to joining CitiWide. 48 adults participated in computer technology and job skills. 45 graduated and 35 received employment. 25 adults received GED assistance and 15 passed the pre-GED tests. 10 students actually received GED Diplomas.

In 2008, total client participation was 163, 65 youth ages 14-21 were in technology drive last summer and 54 received certificates of completion and are currently applying those skills in the school environment. 22 students ages 12-14 from Capital City Public Charter School received after-school academic enrichment skills and were reading at grade level or one grade above their level. 52 adults participated in computer technology and job skills. 48 graduated and 35 received employment. 24 adults received GED assistance and passed the pre-GED tests. 15 students actually received GED Diplomas.


Population(s) Served

Children and Youth (infants - 19 years.)

Children Only (5 - 14 years)




Program 2


Employment and Life Skills: 
In Life Skills, students are trained in powerful interpersonal skills for communicating and building effective work and personal relationships. The content covers:

Workplace temperament

Job and career readiness, resume preparation, and Interviewing skills.

Job retention and follow up services

Financial planning and personal credit management



Population(s) Served


Aging/Elderly/Senior Citizens

Female Young Adults (20-25 years) -- currently not in use



Program 3


The program addresses the basic educational needs of adults and immigrant learners.



Population(s) Served


Youth/Adolescents only (14 - 19 years)

Children Only (5 - 14 years)



Program 4

Summer Youth Program

This program provides youth ages 14-19 years summer program in IT and workforce training.


Youth Development

Population(s) Served

Female Youth/Adolescents (14 - 19 years)

Youth/Adolescents only (14 - 19 years)



Charting Impact

Self-reported by organization

Five powerful questions that require reflection about what really matters - results.

  1. What is the organization aiming to accomplish?
    CitiWide Computer Training Center is seeking accreditation to enable the organization become more acceptable in our community. Obtaining license to operate in post-secondary program areas listed below will provide more funding to program areas requiring certification that could help our clients secure meaningful jobs and long term sustainability for their families. We are currently seeking accreditation in:

    1. Information Technology
    2. Workforce Programs
    3. Life Skills Programs
    5. Education
  2. What are the organization's key strategies for making this happen?
    CitiWide Computer Training Center has hired a professional consultant to assist in the accreditation process. The consultant is currently working with the local licensing agencies to facilitates this.
  3. What are the organization's capabilities for doing this?
    CitiWide Computer Training Center has the following documentations required for the process:
    1. Certificate of Occupancy
    2. Certificate of Good Standing with the State Agencies
    3. Legitimate Business License
    4. IRS Tax exemption in the area of specialty
    5. State issued business certificate and registration
    6. State issued tax exemption certificate
    7. Location with parking space
  4. How will they know if they are making progress?
    CitiWide Computer Training Center's board and management will receive regular reports from the consultant on progress being made towards attainment of the accreditation and license. Management is fully involved in attending training and workshops on the requirements of the process.
  5. What have and haven't they accomplished so far?
    CitiWide Computer Training Center has hired the consultant and have obtained outlines of required documentations to help in the process. The Consultant has been paid and he has involved staff and management in the training conducted by the state.
Service Areas


District of Columbia

Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area, DC, MD, VA

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Funding Needs

We seek funding from individuals, corporations, foundations, or groups of people.  Please make donations to: CitiWide Computer Training Center, 3636 16th Street, NW #AG-49, Washington, DC, 20010. Or by clicking on All donations are tax deductable according to IRS Tax laws.

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Afterschool Alliance


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CitiWide Computer Training Center Inc
Fiscal year: Jan 01-Dec 31
Yes, financials were audited by an independent accountant.

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CitiWide Computer Training Center



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President and CEO

Mr. Anthony Chuukwu

IT/Education Associate

Mr. Rahnaun Simms


Mr. Chuukwu is CitiWide Computer Training Center's Founder and Executive Director. Chuukwu is a long time educator whose specialties are in Business Management, Information Technology, Language and Healthcare Access, to minorities. He attended Grace Polytechnic, Lagos, an affiliate of Royal Society of Arts, London, UK in 1983. He graduated from Georgetown University Public Policy Institute in 2006 in Nonprofit Management, a postgraduate program for executive directors in the nonprofit sector. He helped in the publication of the following scientific articles in the APA's Professional Psychology Research and Practice Journal:

A)Psychological Practice and Managed Care: Results of the CAPP Practitioner Survey Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 29, 31-36.

B)New Jersey psychologists report on managed mental health care. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 29, 37-42.

C)Psychological Practice in Primary Care Settings: Practical Tips for Clinicians. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 29, 237-244.

D)Considerations for Ethical Practice in Managed Care: Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 30, 563-575.

E)Evaluation of the Psychopharmacology Demonstration Project: A Retrospective Analysis. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 31, 598-603.


Welcome to the CitiWide Computer Training Center

For those not satisfied with their current level of expertise...for those not satisfied with their career...for those desiring a higher income...for those dreaming of a better lifestyle...we offer you….The CitiWide Computer Computer Training Center (“CitiWide").

Founded in 1993 by Mr. Anthony Chuukwu — CitiWide offers small class sizes, flexible schedules, affordable pricing and scholarships to low-income students, all at a convenient location.  CitiWide currently offers the programs listed below:

1. Technology Program
2. Workforce Training
3. Remedial Courses (GED/ABE/ESL)
4. Life/Career Skills

CitiWide is located in the District of Columbia, at 1818 New York Avenue, NE, Suite 116, Washington, DC 20002. CitiWide is your one-stop professional learning and training center.  CitiWide's spacious and comfortable environment will enhance your learning experience. Whether you are in the computer field now, are looking to increase your knowledge and marketability, or considering a career change to the Computer Technology or Workforce, CitiWide has the resources to meet your needs.

You are welcome! 

Anthony Chuukwu
Executive Director"



Ms. Patricia Crain De Galarce MBA

CitiWide Computer Training Center

Term: Jan 2012 - Dec 2015


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