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Christian HELP is devoted to preventing homelessness by helping people find jobs while providing for them materially and spiritually. We believe that employment is still the best means for the prevention of homelessness, so we work hard to get people back to work, or an additional job, or a better job, depending on what their needs are. We also believe that additional support services are key to helping clients overcome barriers to employment so we provide food for their family while they are job searching and we provide emotional support through a listening ear, a caring attitude, and the offer of prayer, along with encouragement while they are going through their struggle. Additionally, provide food to clients not in our job program and along with referrals to other agencies that can help meet other needs if they exist, such as housing, clothing, and financial assistance.

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Mrs. Vickie Martin

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450 Seminola Blvd.

Casselberry, FL 32707 USA

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Employment Procurement Assistance and Job Training (J20)

Food Banks, Food Pantries (K31)

Christian (X20)

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Christian HELP provides one-on-one employment counseling, resume assistance and interview coaching in a manner that walks alongside a job seeker for as long as it takes. This program is designed to help job seekers in a client-focused, relationally-driven manner find the work they need to bring financial stability to their lives.a

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Christian HELP maintains a 2,000 square foot food pantry to provide additional assistance to job seekers and others in our community facing food insecurity. In 2019, 898,414 pounds of food was distributed. We are blessed to have an abundance of choice meats and poultry, fruit and vegetables, as well as breads, sweets, and canned goods. Clients shop for themselves at our Food Pantry so they can pick out the food their family needs and likes as opposed to taking whatever is handed to them. Being able to still shop for their family even though the food is free keeps the clients dignity intact, and they also know they are participating in a program to improve their situation so that one day soon, they won't need the CH pantry.

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Central Florida Employment Council (CFEC) is a division of Christian HELP established in 1994 to connect Christian HELP with the employment community. CFEC hosts 6 major job fairs each year including the Mayors (2) job fairs, the Governor's job fair, and the President's job fair. CFEC hosts monthly meetings for recruiters to network and learn.  This enables Christian HELP to have a strategic relationship with recruiters at many small, medium and large businesses to help make employment connections. The CFEC website hosts an online job board which helps job seekers find and connect with available job opportunities. In 2011, a new website and job board was established. Even after all these years of hosting job fairs and with changes in the economy, our job fairs continue to attract more and more employers and thousands of job seekers.

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Christian HELP partners with area churches, businesses, and individuals to provide gifts for families of our clients in need a wonderful Christmas experience.  Families are pre-qualified based on need and are given a certificate and an appointment to walk through the toy room and select gifts for their children.  The experience involves a personal shopper to help them, Christmas cookies for a festive treat, a time for prayer and personal encouragement if they so desire, and even a table of stocking stuffers to choose from in addition to toys by age for their child.

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Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability - Member 2020

Second Harvest Food Bank 2020

Seminole County Chamber of Commerce 2020

Rollins College Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership Center 2020

Chamber of Commerce 2020

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At its core, Christian HELP wants to help people and has chosen the vehicle of employment to do that. But is it not enough to teach people how to find, get and keep work, we also want them to be encouraged by the experience and given hope. We believe the best way to do this is to give people your time, attention, sincerity, and expertise. It’s not enough to point people in the direction of employment, we want to work with them with a relational approach so that they are not only educated, but cared for. In a country and community of abundance, no one should be without opportunity or shelter so we feel very strongly about the importance of our mission to prevent homelessness, and this mission applies to anyone. We meet people from all socio-economic models who are close to homeless if not for a job soon. Nothing else can prevent homelessness like a good paycheck accompanied with good decisions. We know there will always be unemployed people, but they don’t have to be the same ones. In this vain, people not only learn about how to find work with us, but they learn so much more about themselves, their problem solving skills, their attitudes, body language and behaviors. Knowledge such as this is valuable for the long haul so that people can become their own best friend as opposed to their own worst enemy. If people should find themselves in need of employment and encouragement again, Christian HELP will make ourselves available to them. But what we hope is that they are a new person with confidence, know-how, tenacity, and hope. If someone was to look at the work of Christian HELP now and then in 3 years, it is our expectation that they will find us still significant in the social services sector for employment. They will find our partnerships with hundreds of employers will have only grown, that we will have expanded our offering of job fairs with micro-training available at them, and have added custom programming for certain populations of job seekers, i.e., ex-offenders, senior adults and youth. They will also observe that unemployed persons became employed persons which created tax-payers and contributors to society as well. They will see that homelessness was adverted, as well as the possibility of countless problems that unemployment can bring, such as crime, stress, divorce, mental and physical health issues, suicide, etc. In 3 years, someone would also see that Christian HELP stayed true to its mission, it served with integrity and operates under the directive to empower clients, not enable them. They will also find that we remain a refuge to more than 10,000 people a year and that the most popular thing heard in the hallways of Christian HELP still remains, “Thank you, you saved my life. I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

Part of what enables Christian HELP to accomplish our goals is our longevity. We have operated in the social services sector of employment, as well as in the Central Florida community, since our inception in 1992. This length of time has brought about numerous relationships to help us achieve our mission. It has also brought about clarity, focus, vision and expertise. We know what our mission is and understand the work it takes to accomplish it, as well as the necessity of the ever present re of it. We value relationships are always expanding ours. We value people and always want to find more ways to help them that relate to our mission, but we do employ certain methods that we believe fuel our success.We look for clients that are able and willing to work. We will meet with anyone and because we know that you have to have a willing participate to bring about change, we look for job seekers that want to become employed persons. To do this, there is an assessment process and a discovery all throughout the process of a client’s willingness to participate. We believe in not doing the work for the job seeker, but being their advocate behind the scenes, encouraging them to go on. Belief in one’s self is a powerful tool. That combined with an advocate, hope and accountability produces results. We have seen it time and time again so we know how important the one-on-one coaching is that we do. It is one of the hallmarks of our organization and will always offer a personal approach to job seeking.Christian HELP's strategy for helping adults obtain and retain employment involves many methods and strategies in addition to the one-on-one coaching, such as, classes and group instruction, computer access, resume re and creation, mock inters, accessibility to a substantial food pantry, and other supplemental services and resources as needed. More specifically we:1 - Continually evaluate the quality of client learning outcomes and alignment of instruction with appropriate standards of student performance in all job skills training programs2 - Continually seek feedback from local employers to identify soft skills gaps and other skill gaps and tailor programs and coaching to fill those gaps3 - Continually assess learning outcomes to ensure that job seekers are not only obtaining jobs, but keeping the jobs, and that they are making family sustaining wages4 - Encourage educational opportunities for job seekers to help them improve their skills and marketability to employers5 - Work with Second Harvest Food Bank and other partners to insure the availability of nutritious food options for our clients6 - Strive to continuously exhibit excellence in service to insure all clients feel welcomed, helped with their job search and other needs, and feel respected

Christian HELP's Capabilities include:•A well-qualified staff that care about seeing a client find employment and know how to help them do this. •More than 28 years in the employment and food pantry arena in Central Florida.•Substantial volunteer support with more than 300 people putting in over 20,000 hours annually.•Strong collaborative partners including Second Harvest Food Bank, churches, employers, educators, and other community partners like Christian Sharing Center, Jewish Family Services, UCF and Hope Helps.•Debt free. Donor support goes directly toward client services and programs.•Increasing revenue streams through growth in job fairs and employment seminars and employer meetings.•History of success in efforts and programs, meeting projected goals and outcomes.•Ongoing relationships with HR professionals to stay current on trends with an ability to advise clients appropriately and with relevant information.•Personalized and customized approach offered to clients along with practical tools and solutions.•Longevity has given us many relationships and resources to refer clients in order to ensure they get the help and resources they need beyond Christian HELP’s services.•Ability to customize client programs to demographic being served.•Able to administer programs remotely in areas where needed and convenient for clients.•Services available in Central Florida. We are not Seminole County exclusive , although our main office is located there.•Experience in serving varying demographics in multiple ways in multiple locations.Future Resources and Tools that would strengthen our work:•More professional business people volunteering 2 – 4 hours a week so that we may serve more clients and offer them more coaching and more opportunities to interact with professionals and receive counsel on their resume and interviewing skills.•An additional refrigerated truck or van unit would enable us to save on maintenance costs, but more importantly have no interruption of services to clients because our vehicle that picks up the groceries distributed via our food pantry is broken down.•More opportunities to speak to different segments of the community to let them know the significant work we do and how it makes a different in their businesses, churches and neighborhoods.•Funding for additional personnel to serve clients through our intake process, and our one-on-one coaching program, and through training programs that we are ready to implement once we have the capacity in staffing.• A bigger building that would enable us to expand our program offering to clients, as well as increase the number of clients we would be able to serve. The more offices we have, the more clients we can see and the more specific programs we can offer.

A lot has been accomplished which is why I think we've lasted so long and with such consistent results. However, we still want to do more, with more, for more. Employment needs are wide in variety and vary by individual. I don't want us to have any limits as to the approaches or resources we can provide to address an employment issue for anyone. We have made a lot of partnerships in the community and are just scratching the surface. We want to have more customizable job search skill programs and we want a clearer path to offering a client educational options as well, in order for them to think about their future employment needs and how their own goals could be met through professional growth. We work best with clients that want to learn and not waste their experience, but take charge of it only to not only not repeat it, but to help others in the future if possible. While Christian HELP wants to always be open to social entrepreneurial ideas and revenue streams we know what we can't do that we have tried and is already being done; car repair, housing and a thrift store. We've also learned that all our great ideas have to have sustainable funding. We would rather do a few things well and stay mission true then to get distracted and be off course, or even to be well intentioned, but overwhelmed and ineffective. We will always pursue ways, creative, practical and effective to help the unemployed and underemployed and their families, but we are not going to implement every idea that comes along, but be sure of the need it meets, and our ability to offer solutions and the capacity to sustain them. Sometimes education of the general public is hard to do because they don't often understand how helping people get a job has so many benefits to so many in our society, not just the job seeker, but this is our mission. We see the difference made in the lives of people first hand so we need to constantly come up with effective ways to share the wonderful changes we see in the lives of so many. We have not always been wise in the use of our time and talents to cultivate relationships and donors and have felt that through a lack of financial support, but we are still working hard, even on a smaller budget with a smaller team to still help the same number of job seekers. For all the great work being done in Central Florida in several arenas similar to that of Christian HELP we remain unique in our offering of services through a personal and professional and optional faith-based approach when it comes to helping all people know how to find employment in this community. We are known to be relational while skilled at what we do and there is nowhere else in the tri-county area anyone can go to get the level of service in an employment search that they will get at Christian HELP.


Christian HELP Foundation Inc.

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Christian HELP Foundation Inc.

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Board co-chair

Mr. Chad Ourso

Highland Capital Brokerage - Vice President of Sales

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Siemens Telcom - Retired Design Engineer

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Chad Ourso

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