Human Services

Kristi House, Inc.

Heal and Eradicate Child Abuse and Sex Trafficking

Miami, FL


Kristi House provides treatment, advocacy, and coordination of services, within a healing environment, for all child victims of sexual abuse and their families, as well as education and prevention services to end child sexual abuse.

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Ms. Claudia Kitchens

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1265 NW 12th Ave

Miami, FL 33136 USA


children, abuse, violence, sexual abuse, internet crime, therapy, social work





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Children's and Youth Services (P30)

Emergency Assistance (Food, Clothing, Cash) (P60)

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At-risk youth

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EXPANSION/ENHANCEMENT OF SERVICES: Kristi House will continue to expand and enhance services in the Miami-Dade community to all child victims of sexual abuse, including those victims of sexual exploitation, through direct service and the Multidisciplinary Team. EDUCATION AND OUTREACH: Kristi House will increase education and outreach to the Miami-Dade community to improve outcomes for all children and increase the visibility of the organization. STAFF EXPERTISE: Kristi House staff will continue to be experts in the field of child sexual abuse through the development and marketing of that expertise. FINANCIAL STABILITY: Kristi House Board and staff will ensure the financial sustainability of our mission. ENDOWMENT: Kristi House Board and Staff will kick off an endowment fundraising campaign in 2018-19. PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABORATIONS: Kristi House Board and Staff will continue our commitment to partnerships and collaboration surrounding child sexual abuse and exploitation.

EXPANSION/ENHANCEMENT OF SERVICES: This strategic priority calls for enhancing services specifically for sexual exploitation, which involves adding transportation, critical for client engagement; partnering with University of Miami to research mental health interventions for CSEC; and expanding programming and services offered to Project GOLD clients. Another specific strategy under this area calls for increasing services for Kristi House case coordination and therapy to better reach children in Homestead and Florida City. EDUCATION AND OUTREACH: Strategies in this area take a multipronged approach to providing prevention programming in schools, particularly those at greatest risk, developing new child trauma trainings in partnership with FIU, obtaining CEUs for training participants, whenever possible, and continuing to target adults and others responsible for keeping children safe. STAFF EXPERTISE: Strategies in this area include continuing to provide education and training programs in a variety of venues on the topics of CSEC, children and traumatic stress, sexual abuse awareness, and children with problematic sexual behavior. Service providers, educators, workers in child-serving organizations and parents are targeted. FINANCIAL STABILITY: Strategies in this area are multipronged, involving increasing private/personal giving, restoring State funding we had for 15 years, and ensuring maximum earnings through Medicaid reimbursement. It also calls for careful analysis of all fundraising efforts to ensure appropriate cost to earnings ratios are maintained, and increased fundraising on the part of Board members. An endowment fund is needed; its anticipated launch is 2018. PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABORATIONS: This area seeks to expand and enhance our community partnerships through our work at the CSEC Drop In Center, through our SAMHSA training grant in partnership with child welfare, through presentations at major conferences, increased board participation and PR outreach.

Kristi House's strength lies in its people. STAFF: Kristi House has a staff of 49 employees. They are led by a senior staff management team of five professionals: the CEO, CFO, COO, Programs Director and Director of Development. Staff is comprised of experienced, qualified clinicians, case managers and administrators who reflect Miami's diverse community. The front-line program staff are multilingual in five languages and many are first-generation immigrants to the U.S. from Central and South America and Caribbean countries including Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Peru, Bolivia, and Italy. They reflect the cultural diversity of Miami-Dade County, unmatched anywhere in the United States. BOARD: A volunteer board of 25 community leaders, social services specialists and doctors set policy for the organization, raise funds and plan for the future. Board members meet at eight regular meetings annually, and in committees on a monthly or quarterly basis. The Board is active and committed to fulfilling its governance responsibilities, as reflected in successful re-accreditations, program audits and state and federal funding awards. MANAGEMENT: Kristi House finances are independently audited with no corrective actions in the past 15 years. Kristi House is an accredited member of National Children's Alliance. Kristi House is also accredited by COA, renewed in June 2016, “expedited through the Pre-Commission Review Report (PCR) process as a result of not receiving any out-of-compliance ratings in any of the fundamental practice standards." Kristi House's stakeholder survey scores outpaced the field of COA-accredited not-for-profits in 82% of the measures.

Kristi House closely monitors client outcomes to ensure that its services are meeting child-victims' needs, and that they are indeed significantly improving as a result of services at Kristi House. Kristi House tracks the following outputs for its mental health programs:

• the number of organizations collaborating and sharing resources
• the number of people trained in the EBPs
• level of consumer involvement
• people receiving prevention training
• children screened for interventions
• children receiving the interventions
• children successfully completing treatment

In addition, client outcomes are measured using standardized assessment tools for each intervention. Kristi House's SAMHSA project is being analyzed by an evaluation team led by University of Miami's Dunspaugh-Dalton Community & Educational Well-Being Research Center. Results from the first cohort showed significant improvement in symptoms across a variety of assessment scales in clients who completed treatment. Improvements were seen in PTSD symptoms, anxiety, depression, anger, dissociation and sexual concern subscales.

For CSEC clients, we are tracking girls' level of engagement with programming, case management and therapy. We have set monthly benchmarks for “Active Members," defined as those engaging in 16 or more services per month, and “Emerging Members" receiving 5 to 15 services per month.

We are also measuring participants' readiness to exit the life of exploitation. We are looking at how many girls who are members of the Project GOLD Drop In Center for at least 6 months move forward at least one step on the URICA scale. And we are measuring the number of participants who report no longer being involved in exploitation.

The University of Rhode Island Change Assessment scale (URICA) is used to assess client change. It is a 32-item self-report measure that includes four subscales measuring the stages of change: pre-contemplation, contemplation, action and maintenance. Participants also complete a Client Satisfaction Survey, which enables us to gain information about which services clients find most satisfactory as well feedback about each service obtained. For Project GOLD clients engaged in individual therapy, the Child PTSD Symptom Scale (CPSS) is given to assess trauma symptoms, yielding both a total symptom severity score and a severity of impairment score, as well as the Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children. The Youth Self Report (YSR) is also administered to clients to screen for behavioral and emotional problems.

For those Project GOLD clients who engage in therapy, the therapist uses standardized assessment tools to monitor client progress as well achievement of each individual's treatment plan goals.

We have helped 16,750 children overcome the trauma of sexual abuse so that it does not forever define their lives. We have provided education, prevention and training courses and classes to more than 112,000 participants. We are seeking dedicated and sustained funding to ensure that Kristi House continues to provide this high level of care, services and healing at no cost to families so that cost is never a barrier to a child getting the help they need. We have yet to accomplish this, but have it in our sights.

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Kristi House, Inc.

Fiscal year: Jul 01 - Jun 30

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